World on a String Documentary


So… I took today off work to take care of some stuff. Called my girl on the way home and ended up bringing home two Chicken salads from Chipotle Grill.

I have a few hundred DVDs that are mostly still ‘sealed’. Every one of them I got because I was totally positive I needed to have/see each one of them(shakes head).

A few days ago I got the World On A String vid from YYE and ‘put it with the rest of the Unwatched vids’.

As I set the salads on the dining room table, I decided I just felt like watching something on TV. Glancing into the cabinet, I figured I might as well fit in a few minutes of the Yoyo Documentary. My girl is not + or - on anything Yoyo related, so I figured we would both run out of salad before I completely tortured her with the sight of flying objects.

Minutes past… salads gone… girl leaves for next room to watch a Mystery and I am still watching the WOAString. No pausing to brush teeth. No pausing to clean up the table. No leaving the room for any reason.

Just kept watching the movie. Primarily did 3 things: 1 kept breathing 2 kept eyes on screen 3 kept Smiling.

Did not miss one second. Did not regret not missing one second. Realized when I replayed the vid in my mind that I enjoyed Every Second. Drew the Conclusion that in the 15 years I have been 'into yoyo related things, that this was absolutely the Best, most inspiring and most professionally done Yoyo related video that I have ever seen. I think it is not only one of the best things any yoer should have on a must watch list, but that this is Mandatory viewing material for anybody that thinks yoing is just a little fad/just a kids toy/ or nothing worth doing.

I just don’t sit down for long and ‘watch stuff’. I will spend literally hours in my shop cutting up yoyos. I will spend hours and hours working on Custom Motorcycles. But I serioiusly have trouble having the patience just to sit down and watch a whole movie/ no matter what the Movie is about.

This Documentary is different. It is not make believe. It has Depth. It give perspective on the subject. It shows some of the reasons we are ‘here’. And why some of us will never leave, but in a box or in an Urn.

Over the years I have stood up right in the middle of a Movie(at home) and really wished that there was a button on the Remote that would not only stop the Movie but turn back time and give me that little part of my life I burned up watching whatever it was.

At the End of World On A String, I felt a little fleeting feeling of sadness, that the Movie was not just a little bit longer. But it didn’t/doesn’t really need to be.

Simply Outstanding!

PS… I did not put this post in the Review Section for a simple reason. It is not a review. To me a Review is a fairly in depth evaluation of whatever the subject at hand ‘is’. This is more simply a view of the subject at hand. And more often than not, a review shows a balance of positives and negatives to give a clearer understanding of the subject. < Since my view contains absolutely No Constructive criticism, I have concluded that it is not a review and hence it is here in the General category.


It’s nice to hear the perspective of someone who has been a part of the yoyo scene for 15 years. Thank you.

I will definitely be leaving with a callous on my finger, and a yoyo in my pocket.


I really can’t wait to watch this. It caught my attention the second YYE put it up but I haven’t brought myself to buy a copy just yet. Hopefully I can get it as a birthday gift next month, along with a new throw of coarse. I haven’t been part of the scene very long at all, but like ‘frozen bee’ said, it’s great to hear from a ‘veteran’ like yourself. Thank you for sharing.


Also just can’t wait to get my hands on it! Ordered it the day it was up at YYE for sale. Unfortunately I’m overseas, so I guess I’ll have to wait a little more… :frowning:

(ChrisFrancz) #5

I ordered the DVD / t-shirt combo a few weeks ago and finally watched the DVD. This is great. It’s not just an hour of tricks. It goes into the lives of a handful of people preparing for a competition and documents how the competition went. I found it fascinating. Competition videos do not interest me much and I find them about as boring as the Ice Capades. World on a String goes behind the scenes and does a great job in displaying the motivations of throwers. This is going alongside my two other favorite documentaries: Style Wars (graffiti), and American Hardcore (punk rock).