The world on a string

Any news on the movie yet? Is it actually coming out?

I saw it at worlds. They had DVDs of it, but I’m not sure of any release date.

I would buy it off of someone anyone have one or the download of it?

Saw it at worlds too it was awesome but I don’t know where to get it

One of the folks at the Yoyoexpert booth made it soundlike it would be on their website to order fairly soon. I mean, it may have actually been a month or two, but it will be here as soon as they can make it happen I believe.

And to respect Dawn and crew, please do not download it. I know it’s been two long years, but wait for the DVD. That’s the least we can give back to Dawn. I can’t wait to see it just as much as all of you, but yeah :]

Anyway, I can’t wait!

-taken from facebook

EDIT: (offtopic) yay, 200th post :slight_smile:

What is it?

a documentary.

A yoyo documentary?


watch the trailer I posted

It was incredible, by the way.

I can’t wait! I’m so excited! Feels like I’ve been waiting forever.

Well I’m not sure about others but even if I downloaded it I’d still buy a hard copy! definitely worth having :smiley:

I liked it too but I thought there was a little too much of certain competitors whining about each other. :-\

I was one of the people who were fortunate enough to see it at worlds, and i would like to say that it was awesome! Worth the wait, i do plan to buy a hard copy of it.

Then it is a perfect representation of the yoyo community! :wink:

Just watched the trailer looks really good can’t wait for it to come out

how long is it??? full length movie or like a short documentary?

About 45 min i think