WORLD ON A STRING: Some more information on it??

I really want to watch world on a string, but I don’t know if its any good, how long it is? Is it worth the money.

If you know any extra info or the questions above, please say! Thanks in advance.

It is not worth it, BUT you can’t sell a documentary about yoyos for cheap and get profit. It took a lot of traveling and good equipment to make. it runs about 45 minutes I believe and documents 3 yoyoers most of the time.

so it’s not worth it and you can’t sell it? I wanna see it

Its not worth it as in most documentaries are free on tv or less than 15$, and you must not have finsished my post, I said you cant sell it for under 25$ and still make profit with such a small amount of buyers, not that you cant sell it

I was disappointed by it. There were a few parts that were just kind of weird/random that weren’t necessary and didn’t have anything to do with the story. Also, there was some needless cursing and they changed the music for some of the freestyles. Overall I don’t think it was worth the price, buy I got it as a Christmas gift so I luckily didn’t lose any money.

45 mins. Gosh. If it was an hour at the most I would consider it.

A good friend of mine actually a producer for it. Names Matthew wright super nice guy and if you want and pay for shipping I will lend you my copy. Which is new and if for whatever reason you didn’t return it or broke it I would ask that you replace it. Up to you

No thanks. I don’t think it’s really worth watching now.

That Summit Documentary is another story. I could watch it 10 times a day ;).

I saw it at worlds. It is a great documentary. They just tried to add a little to much suspense/drama. Good documentary but if u want to see something similarly go to Vimeo and pineapple kid films I think they are called have almost the same kind of documentary

Watched that one. Not really impressed, but my friends keep saying that it’s really good.

25 is a ridic price for a 40min doc… Wow