the G-MOD

I just got another freehand zero and was playing around with different simple mods found one that works just as good as recessing it I call it the G-MOD first thing is take off all stickers and put one duncan silicone stickers. after this I put a gold spacer on the side that does not have a sticker after this the sticker side I put a o ring that you get from the duncan bearing kit and the silver space from from the set you get in the FHZ package and I put a centertrack bearing in mine but a dif-e yo connive works great if you don’t use a concave bearing or senator track the string slips to the right and get caught but this worked just as good as a silicone recess. message me if you want pics this only coast about 15 more dollars and is easy to do no major work

I’d leave the o-ring out. With just the spacers the string will probably not get caught. Flat bearing works just fine with that setup.