The Eastie Boys

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inspired by lil scrappy fetus crew?

not exactly

Nice language on your site. :frowning:

language warning?

What they said… :frowning:

I guess… basically its just a blog but ill be dropping some dope things in there as wel as the other guys

Right after I posted I was like that was dumb. Guess I didn`t remove it early enough. But seriously there are alot of kids on this board, and this guy is obviously trying to be cool.

nope im just partof a group of yoyoers who have common interests

So you are telling me that all yoyoers, do drugs. Even every Eastie Boy?

I guess I am one of the select few that don’t have a “common interest.”

I think “dope” is just a word to use. I dont think he’s referring to any drug. “dope” is basically a substitute for “cool” or “sick”.

I don’t know about the rest of them but I’ve met Jesse Christe and he’s a really cool guy. Really nice too.

I wasn’t referring to the use of the other variations of the word. I new he meant ‘cool’ things. I was referring to how he was saying that drugs are good in one post, and saying it was a cool thing to do.

I have nothing against them. Their videos are good, and I have met a couple of them, but is it really necessary to say things about drugs and that they’re good, and that they use them? Do you really need to advertise this stuff?

Just my opinion.

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Oh. I didn’t read any of the posts :stuck_out_tongue: I scrolled to the bottom, saw the name Wiz Khalifa and immediately left

please quote where ever i said it was cool?

Oh my gosh, everyone just calm down.
Lets all yoyo and stuff aight.
Or else, somethings gonna happen.

Thanks Josh

Woah guys calm down. The Eastie Boys to me, is too have fun making some cool videos to enjoy! So Enjoy them, BTW, I made another one

Another video.
Check it out.