Why are yo-yoers so weird?

Proud of it but don’t know why?

I told my friend that once I took up yo-yoing, I swore an allegiance of non-conformity. WHy are yo-yoers like that?

EG: Augie


Funny yet awesome

See, our coolness is about 50% full when we srat ( I was 75% because well…)

And when we start to yoyo and get better, it goes up. But when it hits over 100% it turns into wierdness.

it’s all about maintaining casualness. and make sure you’re wearing pants.


I dont know… Whos weird? Augie isn’t weird… Maybe your weird…

Nah I think its because we can look past all the nerdy sterio types and find the fun in goofy things

Augie Fash is just being himself.

Happy Throwing! =]

Yo-yoers are not weird, we are just misunderstood as kids or adults which have no life, thus recurring to the yo-yo to feel important. This by no means is true, by understanding yoyoing we live and experience a capacity to look at things in a deeper perspective, looking deep to find what really matters.

Yoyoing is in itself a discipline.

Thats very deep. But I’m weird.

Ok, real answer time.

We are the ones who found deeper meaning in a “Toy”. We think outside the box and think about the impossible, and look what be ave done? It all started thousands of years ago with a simple metal one, and grew. We are not “Weird” but we are deeper thinkers and don’t care about how we look to society, only how we look to ourselves. As you can tell, we are our own community, we make stupid jokes (Samad is Silly on Twitter) and are fairly eccentric but we all are a group of people, just like singers or chess players. Since other people out of our “Community” think we are weird, we get labeled at geeks that wear glasses and high pants, but to us they are weird because they play Guitar or Hockey.

Get it?

They’re also weird to us when they do rubix cubes. Somebody was laughing at me today and then he got out his rubix cube =P

As I said, they think Rubix Cubes are “Cool” and Yo-Yos are “Lame” while we think the opposite.

It is not the person doing it, it is the person watching.


But… but… I play the Rubik’s Cube, and I think yo-yos are cool too… :-\

haha i remember when i played a Rubik’s cube… Cough!20 seconds to solve itCough! Sorry, had to cough.

cough i could solve a 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 cough

oops… that’s too long to cover with a cough huh?? lol…

Cough Me too!Cough COUGH But i forgot the algorithms for them like 5 months ago Cough Thats why i quit Cough!

Haha lol this is getting akward ;D

lol… cough same here cough :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: ;D

Do you guys have swine flu or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol… maybe… :smiley:

Yup, must’ve been eating too much pork… Wait… pork doesn’t give swine flu… nevermind.