Why are yo-yoers so weird?

No, doesn’t swine flu come from being with a pig too much? I mean that’s obvious. Same with bird flu and whatever is next. Maybe it’s dog flu? I don’t know.

Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this was phrased perfectly. most people view a yoyo to be a toy, and chess to be a game (had criticism with that too), so when they can’t do it as well or competatively as others, they try to make us feel inferior. that way, we are the losers, and they are the players-who-can’t-play-and-need-to-make-names-up-to-feel-better-about-themselves people. see, noncomformity is what makes culture, and considering many places EXPECIALLY the usa (which i live in) are living cultureless, or are eliminating culture in exchange for weapons or POWER (just like the people meantioned in the last sentance)! Sociology toaght me something, go figure! english never helps my spelling…

personally i think equestrian flu is next!

okay i believe that yoyos and all other skill toys ie rubicks cube and juggling build a sort of unique insite because after yoyoing you never look at street performers the same because most likely if you me any way you have at least 2 yoyos in various pockets and to make fun of them and then bust out a string trick would be hypacritical and were not weird we’re free thinkers and thats as deep as ive been in a long time ::slight_smile: yoyo for fun never for that freaky neibore kid srry i cant spell to good

Usually practioners of popular activities get accused of nerdism when they are perceived to:

  1. Make it needlessly competitive
  2. Bring in minute technologies in pursuit of negligible amounts of improvement
  3. Manifest a system of belief based on faith
  4. Give the impression that they do nothing else much outside of the activity

Of course when the activity is football it’s okay perhaps because they make a lot of money and we’ve been conditioned to accept sports oriented side careers. All artists need similar amounts of devotion as well, but we don’t know what a high level of performance is from them anymore. What people do see near them are things that are more common, like electronics freaks, collectors, and jugglers, and they make false conclusions based on their own lack of ability. It threatens many Americans, especially younger ones, to see somebody do something they cannot. They figure if they had the time they’d be great even if it was something they couldn’t do in 100 lifetimes so they of course conclude that it takes every waking hour to be good at whatever it is, hence they must be nerds.*

What they don’t realize is that for some activities the level of achievement is so high just to perform that what they think is competition is really just a show-and-tell convention. Nobody enters the US Open thinking they are going to beat Tiger Woods, not even Tiger Woods. Everybody plays the game they have as best as they can. (BTW, I bet he’d be pretty good with a yo-yo if he isn’t already!)

Other places don’t have this problem. In Japan they understand that either you’re a player or not and only mastery counts - B.S. walks. We should all be mature enough to respect and appreciate mastery, and yes, talent as well.

*Note: Not to say that this isn’t true of some things. The world’s top Classical pianists practice 10 hours a day to maintain their performance ability, ice skating, other sports require similar amounts of time so not to fall off the ‘game’.

Wow, this is deep. Who agrees that right when we started yo-yoing we swore an oath to non-conformity?

Not me, I didn’t know it would be such a part in life as it is now. I thought I’d do it now and then and forget about it.

And I have no clue what you guys are talking about, It’s H1N1 Flu or something along those lines now.

I started yoyoing because I like to be “weird”.

Addment: It’s not even weird

i didn’t do that for yoyoing specifically, i just kinda started as i grew up. first chess, then U-fo’s, then yoyoing. I can’t say that i don’t like to show off, but truthfully bieng different and leaving impressions to people is something i can’t resist ::)! Conformity is a type of control, the more people fall for it, the stronger the power is. I make my own power. I share it with those who want it. Everybody deserves to be an individual, they just need to get their heads out of the gutter, out of the popular culture and think for them selves! if you can use a computer, you can invent a new trick or idea. Our system of “Fun” may be different, but we can’t let that define who we are. Me must fight for a society that does not judge, because not only will that iliminate the word nerd and geek from the english vocabulary, but abolish racism as well!

Very ambitious at the end there. I like it ;D

I know I’m going of topic but, where do you get the algorithms to solve the Rubik’s cube in 20 seconds?

my major may be areospace engineering, but AP english helped! :wink:

coughmy rubix cube transforms into a giant man eating robot that could kill mercurycough

Internet? Rubik's Cube Solution - Petrus Method

That’s it? cough weak cough Mine ate the sun yesterday (what? lol)

I never thought I was weird just generally. I act weird, but that’s around my friends for the purpose of fun.

I don’t think yoyoing automatically makes you weird. In my opinion, that’s a horrible way to think about it.

Self Esteem FTW

No offence, you sound like a School therapist that learned how to text… IMO…

So silly Samad!

I agree with Samad. It doesn’t make you weird. I personally think that it is a passion and wonder to learn tricks in that certain way. People are just lazy sometimes and don’t like to challenge themselves or can’t control their frustration when they fail at first.

Lol, as a friend once told me…

wow, that’s deep. I’m saying that I’m weird and proud of it but jsut wondering why yo-yoers are on a cooler level of weird.

If you can make it fun for other people then they start to not think it’s weird. Today in class we didn’t do anything so I took out my Spinfaktor and did some 4a. Then I asked somebody if they wanted to try to play catch and they said yes. After a few tries, the rest of the class was lining up to try ha. It was a blast.

I just broke the code.

The title says:“Why are yo-yoers so weird?”
And the title gives the answer.
Yoyoers are all weird, so they must have something in common.
They yoyo.
So that’s probably why they are weird.

Addment: The post setup is weird as well. Goes to the thread.