what are we? lol!

my girlfriend just turned to me and said, “what are you?” so i said “eh?” and she replied “you yoyo, so what do you calla person who yoyos?, a yoyoer, yoyoist?” i look puzzled and said i have no idea but its something awesome! lol

any ideas? lol
(funny, silly, and down right weird replies welcome lol)

A YoYo Player. A YoYoer.

Here at YoYoExpert.com, we are yoyo experts ;D

I just say yo-yoer, I guess. shrugs

Yo-yoers, Yo-yo Players, Andre is refered as Master Magic, as Dennis Mcbride said

“One who plays yo-yo is called a Topologist or yo-yoloist. The Study of tricks is called yo-yology”

Quote- Dennis Mcbride’s gallery of Two Handed Tricks video.

I think Augie to some people is a Speedologist.

A nerd… :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you write yoyo?


I write yo-yo. I used to write yoyo, but then I figured out that the “dictionary” spelling is yo-yo.

I think we are amazingly cool people that are skilled at the unusual. ;D

i think id have to agree with you all! but i would class myself as a yo-yo expert! haha
i think its just my accent that makes “yo-yoer” sound wrong! lol

In Norway people call me nerd. Kinda sad though, because they put me in the same category as the rubik’s cube guys. I hate the rubik’s cube guys!

theres actually people who are rubik’s cube guys? lol each to their own i suppose!

a guy or girl that has no life and is 30 years old and still lives in their moms basement who’s moto is i’m a fat guy that sits on the computer. muahahahahaha!!!

Hey Hey Hey! I can Rubiks Cube and yoyo.

OK. It’s cool that you can do the cube. But do not make a relation from the cube to the yoyo. And also, I don’t think you’re the kind of guy that brings his 5x5x5 cube and solves it 6 times per hour.

Holy crud those guys are nerds! Okay sorry, i had to say that! 5x5x5 6times an hour? that’s crazy lol…

You spelled it wrong eXperts. We need the capital X. Lol, anyway yeah, i saw what Samad says. I say a Yo-Yoer.


But I wasnt using it in that sense. So it was correct.

A Yoyoer?
One who plays with two disks on a string?
One who has fun?
One who is misunderstood? (Nerd)