Yoyoer, thrower or yoyoist

When people (non yoyoers) talk to me about yoyoing they always ask what I like to be called and I have never really given any thought to it so I’m curious as to what you guys like to be called as far as yoyoing goes.


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I like thrower… Sounds more natural… Like how typist sounds more natural than typer

Confrere of Yo

Yoyoist when I’m talking to someone who doesn’t know about yoyos, thrower to people who have at least a little bit of yoyo related knowledge.

For instance, you wouldn’t call someone who plays the violin a violiner. They’re a violinist

Supreme Masta of the Jo

String slinger :wink:


Whippin’ walle…

Hahaha! No I made that up.

I like to be called a yoyoer/thrower or whatever they want.

Hmmm… I like to say yoyoist for laughs, cause it sounds funny(ish)… Idk… May be just me.

Thrower, eh. I throw lots of things :smiley: but I don’t mind people saying it, it’s jut not what I normally say.

I use yoyoer most often. But that’s just me :slight_smile:

I like throwers or players the best. yoyoer just doesn’t sound right on the tongue.

This or "yoyologist are the only acceptable answers.


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My friends call me Asian when talking about my yoyo skills. (I’m no Asian)

As someone who also throws other gyroscopic toys such as spintops and diabolos, I prefer to be called a “gyrocologist.”

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guy with a yoyo works fine for me.

I usually say yoyoer, it just sounds best to me.

A yoyo player