What do you call a profesional yo-yoer?


Is there a specific name for people who yo-yo professionally?

Saying, “those guys that are really good, that I’m jealous of” is kind of a mouthful.


Pros :wink:


Hmmm… why dont we call them, ProYos. ;D

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There is a difference between yoyoing professionally and being a good yoyoer. If they are with a company, they are considered professional or sponsored. If they are just good yoyoers, they are good players.


I say if you are a good yoyoer but not sponsored you are an expert


Actually, being a professional yoyoer would mean yoyoing is your profession. Your profession is what you get paid to do/how you make a living.

So… Unless you get paid, you’re not a professional.

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Here is an article by Steve Brown about what a professional is. It’s definitely worth a read.


Well you see, there used to be this company called playmaxx…

I actually still have a proyo shirt


that was beautiful


You missed the point Q. lol He wants to know what they are called. Not who is but what is the name of one. What title would a pro be called. the answer is “Pro Yoyoer”.

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Thanks icky.
It was a good article, but it didn’t answer the question.


Easy question, me. :stuck_out_tongue:





What about a “yoyoist?” ;D


how about dork, nerd, geek just put yoyo infront of it.

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How about someone who wins contests?


How wrong you are.


i usually say “yoyoist” or “yo-ist”