Yoyo pro?

I’m new so don’t poke fun…But what makes someone pro at yoyos?
What is considered pro?

The definition doesn’t change for yoyoing, lol. A professional is a person whose income and livelihood comes from yoyos. Examples would be Dave Schulte, the Higby family… Not sure if Steve Brown still counts, 'cause I don’t know exactly how active he is these days, but he was at one time.
People throw the word professional around a lot on these forums, being sponsored does not make you a professional yoyo player.

Well when someone thinks of a pro yoyoer, they think of someone who is sponsored.
And also everyone on the forum who is sponsored has “professional” under there user name.
(except Samad because his is relatively new.)

I think its someone who competes in a yoyo compitition thats who I usally think of as a pro

So if I go to MWR in the next 2 weeks, and just throw a sleeper, I’m a pro?

To OP: A professional, as well stated by Mikers, is someone who gets an income from yoyoing.

I’m sorry but your pretty wrong iAvery220 because Q is sponserd by DTI and he never competed in a contest. But usally when you think of a pro you think of someone who is sponserd or is well known in the yoyo community. Just telling what I think so don’t be snappy at my 2cents

That’s a good point about just throwing a sleeper.
So I guess there isn’t many “pros” then, if you have to be making a living off of it.

I wouldn’t necesarrily say that it has to be your LIVING, but it would have to be considered a source of income, IMO. I don’t consider to many people to be pros, not even Tyler Severnce or Jensen Kimmit, but that’s just me I guess.

And at Skillz, your example will be rendered useless in 3 weeks when I compete (And fail) at MWR. How’s you know I was sponsered anyway?

it might be because under your fuzzy Q it says team DTI

Pro means you get paid for it. Athletics and, for the most part, music work the same way.
Schwag does not count as payment.

I made 7 bucks once haha
that doesn’t mean I’m pro though

Also what makes you competition ready though? Just having lots of tricks? Or what?

Tricks are IMO only half the battle.

You need to have muysic,and stage presence. You need to have fun before anything, and have that caryy over into you freestyles in cometition

You have to have a LOT though huh?

Im gonna be at MWR too!!! we should meet up sometime!

Why don’t we all save a lot of time and wrong answers by just listening to the first post, which is correct, lol.
If you aren’t on the same level or have a similar PROFESSION as the three people mentioned in my first post you are not a professional yoyo player.

The dictionary agrees with me.

Chill Man!
We were just Elaborating. That’s what we do.

Just like verb.

Cuz It’s what you do.

It’s not elaboration if people just spit incorrect answers at each other, lol. “Professional” has a solid definition that isn’t up for debate.

True, true.
Carry on.

Ok, so the higbys are considered pro, but Jensen Kimmit isn’t?
that is what has me confused ???

Well, think about it. What would qualify Jensen as a professional? Nothing. He’s just a gnarly player. Yoyo is a hobby for him, a hobby he happens to excel at. I’m sure he’s got a day-job elsewhere, hunting moose or something. Yoyos and other skill toys are the Higby family’s job.