what is a yoyo pro?

What makes someone a yoyo professional? The fact that they are sponsored? Place high in competitions? What does someone have to do to make them considered a professional.

If its sponsored that means Jensen isnt.

If its time that means many that sponsored: arent.

If its popularity that means a lot of chicks that arent good…are pros.
Or people that make tutorials that arent good…are pros.

If its placing high in competitions:
I dont know?

What if they lack sponsorship, popularity, and high placing?
Probably not considered pro…

I don’t care about the definition.

Esp. bc there isnt a definition for a yoyo pro.

What should it be. To you?

Professional anything is someone who has been paid to perform the task. So, a sponsored player is pro, and a player who has won money or prizes at a yoyo competition is a pro. You can enter professional contests as an amatuer but you can’t accept the prize.