Did the pro attend amateur meetings?

Professional soccer players or basketball players doesn’t go to public practice with the amateur . Just wonder if yoyo pros do?

Haven’t seen much pros on this forum.


Yes. Pro yoyoers dont really care about skill level (Generally) and I happen to know two people I would consider “pro” that meaning they are sponsored. They hang with me like im a normal guy, but its not like I suck at yoyoing :stuck_out_tongue:

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Look at all those professionals… and I know for a fact there are way more on here (WAY more) than whats listed there.

Professionals have quite the presence on this forum. They love to talk and throw just like everyone else here does. Alot of them got their start on these forums, so their especially attached. They started out just like us… and they’re all still one of us.

No disrespect to the yoyo “pros”, but they are not in the same league as pro athletes in most any respect. They may make a living at it, but they are not well paid by any means. Pro athletes are a different breed altogether.

Really? I was under the impression that very few “pro” yoyoers make a living off throwing. The few that do are more likely to get most of their earnings from manufacturing or selling yoyos rather than performing.

I’ve always kinda felt like the term “professional/pro” is misused for yoyoers and most should simply be referred to as “sponsored” players.

And yeah, plenty of sponsored players come to meets and hang out the same as everybody else.

I don’t know.

Hans from Madhouse goes to YoLex meets with us common slobs. So does Corey Hendon, who is sponsored by Chico YYC. Both are cool as can get. I think there’s a few other sponsored players who show up.

Does anyone consider Jayyo a pro? Go to meets, hang out with him. Cool guy.

Go to contests. Although this is not necessarily the best environment, at least not until after they do their stuff. They might want to stay “in the zone”. Although, Zammy, who doesn’t compete, hung out with him for a few, and all I can say is “super nice guy”. Talked to Michael Montgomery to thank him for his help with the tutorial videos. I actually made the effort to do this.

Spent some time talking to Andre and JD at contests. Just nice people with some excellent skills and running yoyo shops.

I find most pro yoyo’ers don’t carry around a chip on their shoulder. The only thing I can say is when they get into their zone for performance, just leave them be.

This is different than pro athletes. They may have contracts that prevent them from participating in pick-up games and other non-approved activities. This is to control, minimize and limit unnecessary risks that would not be covered by the team/sponsor’s insurance and hence cost the player, team AND sponsors money via various means. Their contracts may also cover off-season activities as well, such as extreme sports and other high-risk activities. There’s a big difference when it’s thousands on the line for people playing with toys, vs. anywhere from millions to hundreds of millions a year for grown men and women to be playing sports games and/or athletic activities for money.

How do you know?

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