is this weird?

whenever i make up a trick how come i feel like its not a real trick?

do you ever feel like this?

LOL its kinda hard to explain.

I always feel like this. I’ve been throwing for… Oh, god, five, six years? And by my standards I don’t have a single complete trick.
If it makes you feel better, think of it this way: Satisfaction is the bane of progression.

Mikers, that is getting quoted in my sig, nuff said :smiley:

Rad! Haha.

I agree Mikers. i have only been at it for like 4 months now i think. I am through the expert 2 section yet I still feel completely Unaware of My Surroundings so to speak haha. Although That feeling is what inspires me to continue. Do any of you ever get in a slump though where it feels hard to try and learn new stuff?


What i do is keep searching for tricks to learn and if i find a trick i want to learn i learn it. But if i can’t find one i try to make up something and if i can’t come up with anything i just try to perfect tricks i already know.

i only made up one satisfying trick… BEFORE TODAY. that is right. i made my second satisfactory trick

Haha congratulations!

Ya man. This happens to me all the time. Probably why I throw split the atom so much, It was the trick I’ve had some of the most trouble with and I just keep throwing it out of habit for all the practice I put on it. I throw a forward sleeper and I end up doing a split the atom haha. but anyway,

When I feel like I’m not in the mood for learning, I usually just go back through what I have learned and smooth stuff out. It makes getting into the groove easier sometimes.

Yah of late I have just been working on a long combo. I will share just cause I feel like telling someone haha. Kwijibo to -cold fusion to- buddhas revenge to-double suicide- to falling star. So thats been my goal lately.

I feel like this all the time!

If you’re in search of a new trick and you can’t quite do yet, just learn half of it. At least you know that much for when you come back to it, or you can make your own ending