Is it just me or...

…wouldn’t the world be a better place if more people threw yo. I mean yo is so relaxing the world would be chill and you wouldn’t need to hate or shoot anyone.

Nothing political… Just saying…

It’s not uncommon for groups of people to think that if everyone else did what they did, they’d all be better off.

It’s hard to say, I like the idea of a massive amount of people getting into yoyoing, but the uniqueness is also its charm.

Yeah alot of people hate on us, and it’s annoying. I just wish it was more accepted by people who know you do it. If everyone did it, I think it would get old. Like if everyone was a chef it’d be dumb.

Point well taken…

But then I wouldn’t be counter culture and my skinny jeans wouldn’t make any sense.

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I think there’s more people throwing than are willing to admit to it. Darn “closet tossers”!

I make an announcement here(well, not exactly) MONTHS ago that Toys R Us had Pro-Z’s in stock, and I swear, they had 6 pegs full at least when I went in there and bought 4. When I went back the next day, the yoyo endcap was ransacked. They restocked, I bought another few(for a friend, my kids, finish my colors), made another announcement, again went back the next day and it was again ransacked.

People are buying, people are throwing. Why not come out to meets and learn, share and enjoy this in casual gatherings?

I do think the world would be better if other people did the things I do because then I would have more free time.

Also, cake.
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news flash, they don’t make any sense now. :slight_smile: hehe

Well, I’m planning to start collecting vinyl and referencing bands no one has ever heard of in casual conversations, so I think they’re almost necessary at this point.

Haha. Sweet!

i guess you never had a yoyo snag and hit your knuckles or had a ragequit from attempting a trick that’s above your skill level.

I’m with Patrick on this one. I do think everyone should have a hobby, something they can use to get away for a little bit, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be yoyoing.

I would get used to it. People hate on anything and everything in this day and age. Yo-yoing is no exception.

That sounds like a personal problem to me. Everyone I hang out with knows that I yo-yo, and they all get a kick out of it. The only time I ever catch any heat from people about it is online, where the haters are protected by the relative anonymity of the internet. In person though, nobody ever runs off at the mouth.

Yes, because the less people there are throwing yo-yos, the cooler it is. [/sarcasm]

Personally, I think that having more people yo-yoing would be awesome, mainly because there would be more players out there creating new tricks. More inspiration is always a good thing, IMO. It would just be a whole lot harder to be the big dog in the yard if yo-yoing was a lot more popular than it currently is.

Wisdom, this. And I can say the same for other things I hold dear. They have importance to me personally because they offer a real alternative to other more mainstream and socially acceptable activities that I find vapid. At the same time, I can see why someone might criticize yoyo in the same way… but that’s like their opinion, man.

In the end, it is reasonable to expect not everyone is going to like/respect what you like and vice versa. Just don’t let it get to you. Viva la difference, etc.

My dad has all his albums from back in the day. Two moving boxes full of them. Great stuff.

yup!! its kind of like skateboarding (i started back in 98) and then a few years later after Tony hawk landed his 900 it got heavily commercialized and all of a sudden parks were full and too many kids not knowing what they were doing … trying to show off looking like a pro…

So i would rather see it grow where kids or whoever does it … throws because they actually enjoy it … not because its a trend