The Duncan Imperial

Hey guys. I am posting this because I think this yoyo deserves some credit. I mean, it is sort of the grandfather of all yoyos (the idea [shape, axle, response]) (IMO). This post will most likely get ignored but its coo.

So all I am asking is that we give it an applause.

Here, I will start!


Your turn…

Its a decent player for 2A and 0A too!

Exactly!!! And 1A!!! It would like a clap too ;D

wat i the world is 0A

Looping with one hand.

Looping with one hand.


light turns off

What the?

Imperial means “the best.” In this case, I don’t think so… ;D

Haha. You just don’t get it…

The imperial is the Dad to Son. The Zeus to Athena!

Kim-Lan to Samad!

The Imperial to the Modern Day Yo-yo!

Edit: The Greek Gods are part of Mythology, not religion and they’re part of history. Kim-Lan to Samad means that I think Kim is on another level of awesome to Samad (no offence man, you’re still awesome.)

CHRIS! Andre’s rules of the forum says “No religion or Racism”

Happy Throwing! =]

I think it is fun to throw… :wink:

Fun to play with after a long day. ;]

STARSCREEM88! He wasn’t talking about religion, but mythology, and he didn’t even have anything racist in there.

Haha yea. I was wondering what he was talking about.


There was no need to post that, and no need to post this!

But I will make this post needed! CLAP
Lights turn on

:stuck_out_tongue: my lights are automatic.