Pro plus a Duncan Stock Yoyo equals what?

I invented a new forum game that has something to do with yo-yoing.

What would happen if we challenged Mickey to do 1A with an imperial?


lol, i don’t think he will get very far, but he is a very good looper. 1a is out of the question for imperials.

You guys should add something too.

Andre plus Duncan Reflex.

You can also put in other companies but they have to be the non ball bearing yoyos.

Yuuki Spencer with a butterfly = fail lol. Imagine him doing soiled panties with a butterfly.

André With out a yoyo for a week? I think he would never be the same again, haha. Later.

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Not trying to argue or anything, just pointing out, its “think”, not “thank” :wink:

No I actually want you to point out my spelling mistakes so I can fix them and make things easier to read. Also if you see a problem in my grammar please notify me. Thanks for pointing that out, it will be fixed. Later.

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Sterliyn Quinn +Flying Panda = :o

rsmod123 + Imperial = Nuclear war.

Jayyo + speed beetle= :’(

well speed beetles are actually quite nice loopers so give josh a pair of them and im sure he could do his whole 2a freestyle, i know i can.

Augie Fash + Duncan mosquito= ?

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john ando + free promo yoyo (fixed)


Jensen Kimmitt + Yomega Brain.

But still they are not quite as good as other loopers.

they are perfectly good, i have tried pretty much ever main stream looper. NXGs, loop 720s, modded raiders and even relics and i still like my speed beetles the best, im not the best looper in the world but i can actually do good 2 handed loops with my speed beetles but i cant with any of my other loopers. so im sure if josh had a pair and im sure he does he could do his 2a freestyle with them(these are stock beetles im talking about btw)

to keep on track. Augie Fash + duncan proyo = AWESOMENESS

After reading all of the replies, I thought this was necessary to point out.

All these yo-yos they’re pointing out aren’t ball bearing except for the Throw Monkey and Speed Beetle.

Pheenix plus Yomega X-Brain

Grant Johnson + a weird $0.99 yoyo.