Imperial yoyo/sleeper

i’m new with yoyoing so i’m not sure with the specifics of yoyos
can i use a imperial yoyo ( i got a black gem) to make tricks that use the sleeper?
if yes, i don’t seem to be able to cast a proper sleeper, sometimes it works but most often then not it the yoyo comes back immedietely into my hand
please help

While it’s possible to perform some basic string tricks with a Duncan Imperial (I’m guessing that’s what you have?) it’d be much easier and save you so much time if you just picked up a bearing yoyo.

I’d recommend the Velocity. You can play responsive until you’re ready to move to unresponsive play. When the time comes just twist a dial and you’re there. I can perform many advanced tricks on my Velocity.

Hope this helps.

thanks alot

The Imperial is more of a “nostalgic” yoyo, meaning it can’t do most yoyo tricks. You will have to buy a bearing yoyo (or a transaxle, but bearings are better) to do most tricks. A Velocity would be perfect.

EDIT: Try adjusting the string if your yoyo comes back immediately, checking for knots, or improving your throw.

Imperial yo-yos are mostly used for looping tricks. (there are other shapes for looping too)
Butterfly shaped yo-yos or yo-yos with wider gaps are usually used for string/sleeper tricks.

It would be pretty difficult to do strick tricks with an imperial, that is, once you get past the beginner tricks you’ll begin to realize how much harder it is to do the trick with an imperial shaped yo-yo.

Your Duncan Imperial is a semi-old style of yo-yoing. I think it still utilizes the axle system instead of a bearing?

i think you are right, but i found only a few looping tricks, are there really so few?, if so then i guess i will buy a butterfly

It’s really all about preference. I think nowadays most people start out with 1A and then move on to other styles such as looping.
1A = the usual style of yo-yoing where you have your finger through the loop and performing string tricks.

Looping might have fewer tricks but its technique puts it in another category in itself. I’m planning on learning some basic looping because it looks fun to do while you’re on the go.

I would recommend starting with a 1A yo-yo and then moving on to other styles (2A, 3A, 4A, 5A) when you’re ready.

i agree i play with the yoyo, doing looping tricks on a daily basis, when i go somewhere always got my yoyo with me,
about yoyoing styles i think i will remain with the looping since i already got the proper yoyo

There is tons of looping tricks, you just gotta dig for 'em.