The day my white whale popped up on the BST for a ridiculously low price, and I was an hour too late

The censoring here is a bit excessive imo. It is an all ages forum so I get it to a point, but still.

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Both demand and time to make them is really low unfortunately.

I have one >

But before I sell it; I will probably have to ask Glen to generate a S.D.G. Spreadsheet.:thinking:

Steal/Deal/Greedy price gauge.

I sure wouldn’t want to overcharge anybody when I start selling yo-yos…


Just post a pic of a yoyo you’ve worked on on occasion and send your yoyo to a reviewer (for free) so they can review it.
Simple advertisement doesn’t take much time.

It just happened again, only this time there were 4 up for grabs on the FB bst. 4 of them. 4 of them.

What a crazy coincidence, 5 Diptychs up for grabs in less than a week. I know I shouldn’t feel upset, but I’m really bummed out rn. :confused::disappointed:



Being greedy is not the same as selling something for what it fetches in the market.

No one is forcing the buyer to buy something. If I saw a yoyo consistently sell for $200, it would be silly or me to think I’m in the wrong for listing it at $200 myself.


were they from elvin lim?

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huh, his instagram still says he has 2. guess it was updated before all were sold.

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Yeah, I messaged him about 30 minutes ago, he said they’re all spoken for. I’m way too upset about this rn :confused:. Not mad, just really really bummed out.

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Elvin Lim is a whale :joy:

His collection is stacked

like. What. I can not fathom


This is the greatest picture I’ve ever seen

Dang I didn’t even see this. 4 is nuts. What colors did the diptych come in?

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Two clear/raw two gold. :confused:

Dat Doctor money

I would just like something with no engraving xD

Diptych and triptych aren’t sequels rather they are pieces di mean two canvases tri mean three and in art terms it suppose to be continuous image over three or a story board with three frames depending on the artist interpretation but I wouldn’t say it isn’t a synonym for sequel or trilogy…my brain hurts


Lol y’all wouldn’t last a minute in an art history class

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I definitely would say it does mean exactly that.

  • Canvas :framed_picture:
  • Canvas Two (Diptych) :framed_picture::framed_picture:
  • Canvas Three (Triptych) :framed_picture::framed_picture::framed_picture:

Remember the name of the company is A-RT. Get it? Art. The kind you paint on… canvases :art:


I was speaking to the actual definition not the artists/a-rt interpretation…feel like the canvas was and is a really great yoyo and didn’t need a second version at all but that’s just me…wish Chris would do a new run of canvas I would totally buy those…