Good deal or not

A guy on the the facebook Yoyo bst is selling a mib YYR DRAUPNIR for 210 is this a good deal and should I ask for more pics

It’s not a particularly “good” deal but I don’t know if anyone has them in stock. If they did, I’d go to a retailer at that price. At least you’d have some security.

I have checked every site that sells them and every body is out of stock that’s why I asked I offer the guy 150 and he said the minimum is 210

Yeah 150 is probably a little low, but I don’t pay full price (or above) for pre owned yoyos. I guess it just depends how bad you want it. I’d go no higher than 190-195 shipped if it was me, and that would be for truly MIB.

When a yoyo is no longer available in stores you are going to almost pay over retail for them. Mostly if it is a limited run/rare/or collectable.

It’s a 44 clash YYR DRAUPNIR edition

probably will be your only chance to get a MIB one cause I doubt they’d ever make that specific one again.

Check your email

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I understand some people will want that much, and some might pay it, but I do not.

I do understand where your comming from, but that would be like saying
“I want an orginal cold fusion, but I am not willing to pay over $150; because that’s what it retailed for”

That’s why I don’t have one :slight_smile: but seriously, that’s a little different than paying 150 for something that was purchased new for 100 a week earlier

If your know a retailer selling Draupnirs for $100 you need to buy them all for resell lol.

General example, my friend, not direct comparison.

$210 is extremely fair for the purple or green blasted 44 Clash Draupnir in my opinion. I’m surprised he’s asking so little, especially if it’s the purple one.

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I need more information, such as the reputation of the seller, cost of shipping, and the method of payment. If a reputable seller is offering you a MIB limited edition Draupnir, as a Paypal protected transaction, shipping included, it is a “good deal.” Not the deal of the century, but more than fair.

I’m buying one of yoyodoc from this forum instead he has provided pics and videos of the throw and for a good price

^ Now, that’s a top notch transaction. I bought my Ti5 from 'doc. Very nice of him to sell all these highly sought after throws.

I know and the YYR throw looks perfect