The Crucial Confection

What’s up Yo Freaks! here we are again, to review another yoyo for you, this time from CRUCIAL.

What an interesting name I have to say, CRUCIAL. I love saying it… Things are so Crucial, it’s so Crucial to play a Crucial, Crucial is beyond Crucial, I have to get a Crucial because it’s so Crucial… and on and on hehe. Pretty cool brand appeal.

Ok so we have the Confection here before us following the Crucial tradition of food based themes such as: the Heavy Cream, Half and Half, 3 Leches, and Delicious! And Now we have the sweet confection! How exciting! I have to believe that Mr. Yath loves food with all these names!

Weight 68.4g/ 2.41 Oz.
Width 43.65mm/ 1.72 inches
Diameter 55.6mm/ 2.19 inches
Gap Width: 4.65mm/ .18 inches
Stock Response: Crucial Ghost Pad
Bearing Size: Large (Size C) - Crucial Groovy Bearing 2

Appearance: The Confection does look sweet indeed, how else could I describe it? I have the silver/grey body with pink splash. From the side it kind of looks like a cookie with confectionery sugar on the top. When it’s in high spin, the splash looks like it’s floating above the silver finish, kind of like oil on water. A very cool effect. The shape is a soft V with some interesting lines traveling around the wings which I presume are for stability purposes.

The yoyo comes inside a box that looks a lot like a git box, all that’s missing is the bow. The box is really cute to me, kinda looks like a small shoe box for the keebler elves hehe.

Play/ Feel: The feel of this yoyo is a bit coarse at first, but as you play it, the surface seems to get smoother. I found this to be true in other yoyo brands like Spyy and Hspin as well. The Yoyo feels wide in the hand, very much like the Spyy Pro. And it feels rather rigid and stiff too. The returns are firm accompanied by a good pat in the palm.

I like the speed of this yoyo. This is the fastest 68 grams I’ve ever played. This thing rivals the Spyy Pro for speed. On the string it does not feel as heavy as I thought it would as it travels through tricks. It has very very good balance and very good stability. It is a smooth player with no visible vibe to be seen. The wide catch zone makes for easy, easy catches with little effort especially during really fast play. The yoyo is very floaty too so if you like doing hops this one has some serious hang time. It is quite unresponsive similar to the Pro, but when it comes time to bind, the ghost pads really put the brakes on. The wide low wall gap ensures good string layering, no snags and zero drag.

The yoyo’s inner rim is rather broad and flat, similar to the God Tricks Destiny, however on a hard throw, you can do an Irg easy enough. Finger grinds are very good, palm grinds are ok too. Truthfully speaking, I don’t consider this to be a grind monster but it does the job well enough. As far as sleep times are concerned, I feel that the Confection has decent spins but it is not the longest spinner in my collection. I feel it kind of ties the Supernova or Catalyst in this regard. I feel what is missing for me here is more OOMPH. I tend to have to throw this yoyo harder than I do my other throws to get the same combo times I’m used to. If I were designing this, I would have definitely moved more metal to the outer rims and shaved off some center mass to help increase spin. It doesn’t seem to carry enough momentum at great length, because there’s not enough rim weight for it’s width. This is where the Spyy Pro excels in comparison.

This Confection comes with the Crucial Groove Bearing which I was really eager to try out. I initially thought it was the flat bearing with a groove in it, however it came with a concave bearing with a sublime groove in it. The bearing comes to you dry for sure because it was rather loud. Not as loud as a CBC Center Trac, but at least a notch or two below it. To be honest, I am rather indifferent to the Groove bearing’s overall performance. In principle the difference is that the groove sinks the string loop into the bearing whereas every other bearing keeps the string loop on the bearing surface. But during play, I found no difference in action and behavior at all between this the groove bearing, and a standard KK bearing. I did all kinds of weird tests and observations and it just feels and acts the same to me. So there it is. Nothing negative really, just not what I expected.

Conclusion: Although it has one shortcoming for me, on the whole I like the Confection because of it’s looks, it’s fun play, it’s speed and ease of handling as it can definitely handle any trick up to master level and anything you can make up on our own. It’s a good all around performer.

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Great review. My friends love that yoyo as well! :smiley:

cool! it is a fun throw