Cupcake ~ by Crucial ~ a review by Chase


First of all, thanks to Paul Yath for providing me with this tasty Cupcake slightly before it’s release. I own a Delicious and a rare Confection and they have both been amazing releases from Mr. Yath. The Cupcake is somewhat of a mix between an A La Mode and Confection, only downsized slightly and not as wide. I’m here to tell you folks that this may just be Paul’s finest release yet.


Diameter: 53.5 mm
Width: 41.7 mm
Weight: 68 grams
Bearing: Crucial Bearing
Response: Crucial Sticker/Flowable Silicone


TOP DRAWER!, Tight tolerances in bearing seat. Smooth as butter, low wall, inverted round shape near response, flawless anodizing and superb response system, stupid good Crucial bearing, I could go on, but I don’t see any point.


WOW!!! This guy is fast, and plays a teeny weeny bit heavy for its size, but that’s a great thing! It’s not floaty at all and moves with deliberate intent. It reminds me of my long time favorite yoyo the CLYW Gnarwhal. The Cupcake grinds fairly well even though it seems to not be treated with any sort of blast. Amazing for horizontal play, and also amazing for chopstick play. Suicides and Slacks are superb, and the best part… I believe this yoyo to be one of the most stable yoyo’s in this size that’s ever been released. It is so stable and rim heavy, it seems to spin just as long or longer than my Gnarwhal which I didn’t think could be beat.


I love my Confection and Delicious. I’ve played a friends A La Mode and AYCE, and I loved them as well. I think Yath’s last 5 releases have cemented him among the best yoyo makers in the world. His designs simply keep getting better and better. The inverted round area half way down the gap keep this yoyo spinning for days. I believe these are going to be $90 bucks when they drop and I encourage everyone to get their hands on one asap. I’m already entertaining the thought of getting multiples of this yoyo for backup. I really think this particular model could be one of the best designs of 2012 and I’d really love to see this yoyo on everybody’s most wanted list.

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Want! Any idea when/where they drop?

Thanks for the review. I was thinking about picking one of these up when they drop because the ano job looks fantastic. Nice to know it plays great too =)


great review. i tried one at BLC and loved it. proably there best release yet. you summed up everything about it perfectly. i couldnt have said it better myself. thanks for the fun read :slight_smile:

I have a Crucial Cupcake and really like everything about it, except one thing I have noticed over the last week or so since I got it. I have been noticing considerable string wear starting about two inches below my finger till about 5 inches. At first I just thought I put a goofed up string on it. But after changing the string I noticed it happening to the new one. It tears through the string in about a 2 days of heavy throwing. After taking the YoYo apart I noticed that the groove where the flowable silicone goes was a little sharp on the outside edge(furthest from the axel). for some reason only wearing the string close to the finger. Has anybody else noticed this, or did I get a weird one?

I love my Cupcake, it is one of my all time top 5 throws, Crucial’s best throw by far. All that being said, mine tore through 2 Kitty strings in a week, about 5 inches down from my finger. My flowable also tore out after less than 2 weeks of play, I did play it at least 1 hour every day during those 2 weeks though.

Don’t let that info keep any of you from buying one. Everyone should own this yoyo. It’s amazing and perfect. It seriously is.

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I am glad that I am not the only one who had the string wear problem. It seems to have lessened in the last few weeks. It is a terrific throw.

I just got my cupcake a few days ago and my string has also started to fray about an inch from my finger and my silicone has a few spots starting to come out in it. All in all i love it and would recommend it to anyone. Its a great throw :slight_smile: Great review by the way. Shortly after writing this my silicone came out all the way and all i had to put back in it at the time was a k pad and i havent had a single problem out of it, i wonder if it just wasnt filled all the way or something simple like that. Mine is awesome once again.

Good Review.