Just got a cupcake, how come it's almost never mentioned?

So, i browse just about every topic (or new topic/new replied topic) on these boards. I’m always reading reviews.

How come I never see any yoyos by Crucial mentioned (and specifically the cupcake as well)?

When i bought my capless, everyone knew about it and it was the 100% hands down suggested yoyo for under $100… My cupcake was also under $100 - by $10 though… - and it plays just as good (if not better in some ways) than the capless…

Is crucial just not as well known as most other brands or do people not give it a chance…?

Also, i do know there is one cupcake review and i read it and thats why i got it… also my strings havent worn at all (or shown any signs of pre-breaking) and i’ve been playing with it for probably 20+ hours (cumulative) now…

First off the capless is $65.
Some companies just aren’t mentioned nearly as much as others. It all depends on hype and popularity.
And people might not like cupcakes. ._.

i know… i didn’t specify capless’s price… is that your connection to why it was so popular?

The capless is very popular because of how good it is for such a low price. And it’s from C3 so it becomes a little more popular.

Crucial throws are amazing, but crucial as a company is a little lackluster. Try and find their website, seriously, they just don’t have one (As far as I could find). They don’t sponsor contests or any kind of event (Again as far as I know).

Because they don’t put their name on things like a lot of others do, they kind of get pushed under the rug. It’s a shame really cause my cupcake (Apart from eating my strings) is an awesome undersized throw.

it’s a shame, too. Paul’s a great guy, and he makes some outstanding yoyos. My beat to all heck delicious is still one of the most smooth, stable yoyos I’ve used.
But unfortunately companies like crucial, spyy, bbyy, etc don’t get anywhere near the hype they deserve.

lol… i’m happy and all, but am i throwing wrong?? my strings don’t get eaten or worn at all with mine… perhaps i just am lucky??? or not doing the right tricks yet XD

You may just be lucky and got a decent batch, My cupcake came with fairly sharp edges at the point where the string hits the response pad. It doesn’t eat them anymore, Rubbing the yoyo on a denim surface (Jeans) fixed them for me. Too bad it took me almost a month to realize that.

lol… i’m just curious how rubbing the yoyo on denim would help at all…?

A coarse, rough surface. Rough enough to sand down a small sharp edge into a small curve but not rough enough to sand away at the metal yoyo

I was going to pick one up, but the string chewing made me wait until the next batch is made.

This is extremely true. Not a day goes by that I don’t have a SPYY or Crucial in my hands. I have never been the least bit let down by either company.

a simple rub down on your jeans solves the problem.


only ones they have left are the blue/purple ones… which in my opinion are freaking amazing looking… it’s just incredible… better than the pictures they took.

Please don’t link to other stores.
We find that very impolite

edit - my bad =\ i forgot/didn’t realize

one of these days someone should make a yoyo store called billy bobs bait n tackle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets do it Dynikus, business partners?