Crucial Heavy Cream: Review

Hey guys, so today, for my second review EVER, we will be pointing our spotlights at the Crucial Heavy Cream. This yoyo came out a while ago, not sure when actually, and since I started yoyoing (about 6 months ago), I have not heard anything about this yoyo. The only reason I even traded for this yoyo was because my friend said he wanted one really bad. So here we are, today, here to see if Crucial’s first metal yoyo is a hit or miss.

Well… this is interesting! Very cool way to show the specs! (sorry, was kinda blurry so I had to sharpen it. Made it looks kinda pixely)

First Impression: Packaging and Construction
The first thing you notice is the packaging. It comes in a carton box, shaped like an ice-cream or yogurt box. The place where you would put the nutrient facts are replaced with the specs. of the CHC. Notice they spell fat with a ph, making phat. Once you open the box, you are greeted by a drawstring pouch. Inside this pouch is your beloved CHC. When you first take out the yoyo, you can feel a soft bead blast on it, almost like it isn’t there. It is very fine, and not rough on your string or hand at all. The CHC has the classic butterfly shape, with flat rims. The colorway I have is called the Dexter Edition. It is a beautiful colorway that I wish would appear on more yoyos.

How it plays:
When I first threw this yoyo, I didn’t feel anything special. I threw it, again and again, but it just felt way to normal. I put it down and didn’t play with it for a few days. after those few days, I traded away basically all my amazing yoyos, so I was experimenting with all the other yoyos in my case. I picked up the CHC, and WOW, I was surprised I didn’t throw it more. It, like I said earlier, had a thunk when you throw it, but actually is quite light on the string. Floaty, like some of you say, but I prefer not to use that word as it is subjective. Anyways, the CHC is very stable, probably due to the fact that the weight isn’t put in the rims or the center, but spread out. It is very very stable. Even though the weight is emphasized on the rims, it still has great spin times. This yoyo does not vibe, as far as I can feel. The grinds on this thing are great. Fingers, arms, even palms (which I suck at). Thumb grinds are also good, due to a noticeable IRG.

Final thoughts:
Wow, how come no one ever talks about this yoyo? It is by far one of my favorites now. It is comfortable to hold, comfortable to play, amazingly fun to use. I think everyone should give this yoyo a try. It is simply an underrated yoyo. now go out and TRY IT NOW!

Great review! I love the packaging!

Thanks! Crucial has the fanciest packaging ever