Born Crucial Cream yoyo.


Hey guys. I was wondering if any of you guys have used a Cream By Born Crucial.

If you have i have a question about it.

Does it Play like a metal yoyo???



(JackG) #2

i have 3 and yes it is quite heavy for plastic
it does play alot like a metal
well more like a bimetal




I agree
and the name isn’t born crucial
it is crucial now,so…
I recommend it but if you really want a metal cream
I go for the heavy cream when it comes out
I have a raw one that’s it


kk i will go for the heavy cream is it going out for 60


I wish
if you are looking for a yoyo for 60dollars
go for a cream
cause heavy cream is 100dollars


cream is $75


I got mine for $50.


Man i may have to get a regular cream.

i cant afford a heavy cream now.

(jared) #10

the regular cream is still really good

(JM) #11

Yeah…but the new run at YYN is 74.99 :cry:

(Jesse) #12

Wait, if you ARE looking for a yo-yo for $60, I recommend the One Drop M1. It was my first metal yo-yo, and its tiny, and I still love it!

(Jamesofyoyo) #13

It plays like a metal! It is awsome! I got one for 40 bucks, mint condish! It is half black half white!

(Gorrilla_YO) #14

It smooth…like ice cream…tastes gOod too