Born Crucial Cream???

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #1

Is there such a thing of a born crucial cream? I’ve never seen any in any online stores.


It isn’t out in stores yet.


what is that anyway.

(Jamesofyoyo) #4

It’s like the new version of the milk 2%. I played with one at the dxl and It was great, it was 40$. But when it comes out to stores it will be in the 50$ to 60$ range. (I think it’s worth 40$ and 45$. But not anything above 52$. For that money I’d rather pay another 13$ for a fundemetal yoyo. The derlin is nice and smooth. It is’nt great for thumb grinds because the nub in the middle sometimes gets in the way. If you have a big thumb.) MY PERSONAL PREFERANCE!!!

Hope this helps you! :wink:


I love it.

Awesome shape, undersized, Delrin is awesome grinds, nice thumb grinds. I didn’t like the Milk that much because of it’s “Feel” but I think the Cream is a HUGE step up from that.

The only thing I don’t like is that is has very slippy binds. It uses Blue Silicone and tends to slip a lot more. It makes me change my strings sooner and higher the chances of it dinging. I am going to try to put some Silicone it soon.

For 50$$ I am picking this over my 888 and many other High Quality throws.


I have a Cream.

(Shisaki) #7

Undersized? I’m interested…



(Shisaki) #9

You got the diameter in mm?


I can’t find specs…

Probably about 1-1.5 mm bigger than 07 888.

(Shisaki) #11

well,arent all 888’s the same size?


Yes, they are. Not the weights, though. I think he means that he’s comparing HIS eight8eight, and it happens to be an 07’.

(Shisaki) #13

good idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, that what I meant.

I just have a 07 just to be specific.


paul yath may not be making any more but the heavy cream is in production soon
keep your eyes out


How heavy is the Heavy Cream?


66 grams

(Shisaki) #18

yesss…looking forward to that…now i have to many yoyos i want

Wooly Marmot
Candy balsted E1NS
Heavy Cream


heavy cream is about 67 while cream is 66.5

(Chris Allen) #20

Review of the Cream out this weekend