Crucial Delicious review

So when I returned from school today, my sister told me that there was a package for me on the table. I was soooo exited to open my new Crucial Delicious yoyo! This yoyo is meant for 3a, or so I read in other review’s, but it works just as well for 1a. And I’m also assuming the it is great for 5a. my first impressions where, OMG IT’S SO SHINY! And it is. The rim weight is fantastic for long spin times. this yoyo is great for just about everything, except for grinds (I might just not be good at grinds) but on the other hand it is great for almost everything! This yoyo is very smooth. The yoyo includes a stainless steal bearing (I would’ve liked at crucial bearing better) and ghost pad response. If your looking for a good yoyo and you have 100 dollars, I would highly recommend this yoyo.

P.S. I got a blue one ;D

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No offense but it could use a little more detail.

I think a lot more detail… You kinda just gave a first impression

yeah, cause i just got it.

Then don’t call it a review, call it a first impression.

Sigh* kids these days…

Did you not read “I just got it”

He probly did read that, just impling that you named it a reveiw instead of a first impression. No hard feelings either way :wink: