Delicious - Crucial's New Stunning Creation

Crucial is proud to present the ‘Delicious’ and it is every bit as good as it looks. After countless prototypes they definitely hit the perfect recipe for shape, rim weight, and a great unique look!

What stands out most on the Delicious is its one of a kind profile. The gap shape showcases how Crucial really focused weight to allow for fast play, long spin, and great control. This yo-yos is stable and long spinning but still reacts perfectly and is excellent for complex string tricks while maintaining great regeneration abilities. We love it.

Currently available in vibrant aqua and hot pink or the ‘raw’ silver look. Anodized colors come with ghost o-ring sticker while the raw version comes with silicone o-rings. Both versions play amazingly well. Hot pink is a YoYoExpert exclusive!


I had the chance to throw one of these at the SoCal Comp a few weeks ago. They’re some seriously well done, awesome playing yoyos.

I know this post is a little late and bringing this post up, buttt…THIS YOYO IS AMAZING! It’s really smooth, long spinning, comfortable, nice looks! It’s just not the best on grinds. But I want everyone to buy one!

well… i can afford one if its… … free… :’( … im broke lol