Crucial All You Can Eat

The title^^ now let’s get started!

Diameter: 53.48mm/1.75in
Width: 44.66mm/1.75in
Weight: 67.2 grams
Bearing size: size C (.250x.500x.187) stainless steel bearing.
Response: Crucial Ghost O-Ring

First impressions/ first throw:
I wasn’t too impressed when I first looked at the All You Can Eat, but after throwing it, I wouldn’t have cared if it had been the ugliest thing in the world (which it absolutely is NOT). My first throw was incredible. The first thing i did was a quick bind to test it out, but it was unnecessary. The thing is amazing. It was swift and perfectly weighted and cut through my combo beautifully. I busted out my signature combo and some elihops, and was really impressed with how well it handled spinning and hopping. I bought it.

Looks/price worth:
The AYCE retails in store for $65. A very reasonable price in my opinion. I was looking for a budget yoyo, and this really fit my needs and wants. I wasn’t thrilled with the color options, though. I was testing a dinged up mint green, but the new ones came in pink, blue and red. I bought pink and have no regrets. The yoyo came with a CRUCiAL bag that contained one single string. Does anyone know what kind of string it is that comes with Crucials? It’s amazing!

So do I like it?
I love it. It’s worth it’s price, handles my style of play like a champ and is very smooth and attractive. Of course, I will need to break it in a bit, the first time I timed it’s sleep time (woah) it weighed in at a whopping thirteen seconds! The second time only about thirty, but I’m not too worried…

Should you get it?
If you’ve been considering one, go for it. It’s a great budget yoyo that really satisfies my yoyo wants/needs. You’ll be happy. Keep in mind I don’t do horizontal or anything so I don’t know how it plays for that, so check another review if you’re into horizontal. Otherwise, be my guest. You won’t regret it.

Whew that was a mouthful! If I missed something or you’re just wanting some advice or answers, leave em’ below and I’ll do my best to answer them. If you want pictures I’d be happy to post them, just let me know! Thanks for reading, guys and gals!

PS I just added pics!!!


Thanks for this review. When you said that it got 13 second spins, were you serious? I get better than that on my duncan freehand easily! I am hoping that it is better now. Great review otherwise! Keep it up!

thanks, man! I actually WAS being serious. It’s probably only the result of an un lubed bearing, though… Are you thinking of getting an AYCE?

Sounds like something is stuck in the bearing tbh, even an un-lubed bearing should be pushing 40-60seconds sleep time.

It doesn’t come with the Crucial grooved bearing which puts me off tbh, How does it grind? It’s got a metallic finish doesn’t it?

Or an OVER-lubed bearing. Un-lubed bearings (if clean) will spin noticeably longer than lubed. Could probably use a cleaning.

ok thanks. What should I clean it with, though?

Most clear mineral spirits would be alright to clean bearings with, if you take a look around the maintenance section of this forum you will find hundreds of threads talking about what to use and how to use it.

ok thank you! Btw I haven’t grinded with it yet, but I’ll report back when I do! :wink:

Yup! I use the “high quality” Varsol Mineral Spirits from Home Depot (there are two grades). I also have acetone, but I find the Mineral Spirits work just as well. Takes a little bit longer to dry than acetone, but that’s about it.

Skill level? I can push 45 seconds easily even on a filthy bearing. You should be getting 3+ minutes easily.

i’m not sure what my skill level is… I know some hard tricks, but i also know some easy ones… Id say intermediet maybe?

bump I want more people to read about this amazing little yoyo!

i have liked the look of it for a long while, but i am also interested in a capless, and a yyr diffusion. it is a tough choice!

yeah it is! I have never tried the others, but I can assure you the AYCE is a neat throw that handles!

What constitutes a hard trick? I personally think the Master tricks are easy, but Magic Drop and Seasick are infuriating.

Well… The tricks I make up are pretty tricky to learn for an outsider, but they’re easy for me…

the capless is AMAZING!!!looks sick,plays howerver you might want it to( fast,slow floaty, hard) adding a bearing to it ups it’s game allot to