A.Y.C.E 2.0

The AYCE by Crucial was my very first high end metal. I got it like a day before Cal States and at Cal States I got a Cupcake by Crucial. Needless to say, my AYCE got pushed aside and I found myself very rarely reaching for it.
Right after I got it, I did a review on it. It was a pretty bad review when I was still going through my “honeymoon phase” with it. Recently I just picked it back up. Here’a what I have to say.

Full disclosure: Crucial is my favorite brand. I may be a little biased, but I am giving my honest opinion on this yoyo. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

The AYCE (All You Can Eat) is a wider yoyo. When I went in to buy it, I was using a Superwide. I specifically asked to see a few wider yoyos, since I was really into those at that time. I tried the Cascade, a Spyy I never learned the name of, an ILYY, and others, including the AYCE. In the end, I kept coming back to it, and ended up purchasing one for around $65.
When I got it home, the bearing in it didn’t feel right. It wasn’t letting the yoyo spin for very long at all. Now, I knew it couldn’t be me, because I had been testing an AYCE at the store, and I was getting good long spin times out of it. I cleaned the bearing with mineral spirits and followed the directions just as I had been instructed to do. A little improvement, but not much. In the end, I cast the yoyo aside completely.
Until today, when I popped a Twisted Trifecta into it, and it plays like a beast. I tried a number of different things. Below I will list how they worked. :slight_smile:

Horizontal: great. The weighting on the AYCE is perfect, which allows for lots of stability during horizontal. It’s also light enough to be pushed faster to make the combos look snazzy and speedy.

Grinds: dang. I heard when I first got this yoyo that it’s finish made for excellent grinds, but I never figured out how to do them until yesterday. It grinds amazingly. It actually stays more stable on your finger during finger grinds than my Cupcake, which twists off really fast. The AYCE stays straight for longer. Really impressed me on grinds.

Stability: adding a string-centering bearing can always add stability, and I think that’s what the Trifecta did. The flat bearing it came with didn’t work for me. The string slipped around, rubbed against the walls, lessened the spin time, and that just wasn’t working for me, especially since I was just beginning. All in all, it wasn’t all that stable with the flat bearing.
With the Trifecta: however I throw the AYCE, it stays in the same exact position for my whole throw. If its a good, straight throw, it stays straight. If it’s a crooked throw, it stays crooked. I’m not saying this is all the bearing, though. If I had just kept the flat in, I’m sure it would have become easier as I progressed and got better.

Worth the price? I’d say so. If you’re looking for a budget metal or a metal 3a pair, I’d say it’s the way to go. Comes stock with a flat bearing and ghost O-Rings for pads.

That concludes this review! Thoughts? Opinions? Comments? Leave em’ below! Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: