My awful crucial A.Y.C.E review

(Vincent-) #1

It’s terrible, don’t be too hard on me, i just know there’s not a review out there for the ayce yet so i decided to take it upon myself. i hope it informs you, good luck


It wasn’t that bad :slight_smile:
Some things i’d added for later reviews: weight, stability, spintime, smoothness and ability to grind
Comparing the same tricks with two different yoyos is a good idea, though someone would probably felt opposite of you, saying they prefer the DM2. Some like small yoyos, someone big yoyos. Someone like heavy yoyos, someone light yoyos. Etcetcetc… What i’m trying to say is that what you showed us is that the AYCE fits you better than the DM2. Thats really (somewhat, the DM2 is an old design) a subjective thing, which i wouldn’t put in a review myself. Catch my drift?

(Vincent-) #3

Yeah. i’ll try to be less subjective next time, thanks for the advice, i’ll definetely add those things