The brown Downbeats are all sold out.



Time to wait for a re release.


They should call them Brownbeats.

Orange and black are sold out as well, doesn’t look like it was a huge first run. I wouldn’t worry too much, I’m sure we’ll have lots of lovely new colourways coming our way soon. :slight_smile:


Lol I went to the shop and they sold out SO fast


How many Browns were released?

I wonder… Maybe Paul Dang can answer


I guess people like to feel like they’re in an old movie when they throw. They enjoy that sepia tone feel.


Brownbeat is the best of the Downbeats.


^ Brownbeat is now officially a ‘thing’. Greg hath confirmed it. ;D

Makes him sound like some kind of all-knowing wise man. The Confucius of our modern age.


Somewhere around 15ish?


The brown was what had me sold on this throw. Too bad. Maybe next time.


Me, too!


Strange. I bet brown hasn’t been the most desired color on a yoyo since like 1912.


in old man voice “Back in my day, all yoyos were brown, made of wood”

So who got a brown then? If 15 went out, sound off Brownbeaters.


We’ll do another run of brown asap :slight_smile:


I got Green for the Museum (thanks OneDrop!), but now I’m thinking a 2-tone brown and green could be really nice!


2-tone brown and orange or pink. :slight_smile:


I heard about one fella that got a brown ordered…now if I could just think of his username.


Green & Purple I gots me some plans.


I’d be down to buy one of those and trade halves ;D

I’d love to have a brownbeat


I had arranged to do a half swap with someone but I backed out because other purchases came up. Looks like we might have had bad luck anyhow! I can see if they ever ended up doing it and maybe put you in touch with them?


Well, you still have 7 other colors to choose from.