Way past noon at Cal States.

How fast did the new OD/CLYW yoyo sell out? I removed the name of the yoyo because some jealous clowns are whining about the New yoyo getting too much attention that it ‘might’ not completely deserve.
That would about Sum it up.

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Seven minutes, according to our man on the spot!


How many did they make??


Oh. No wonder they sold out in 7min.

You had to get in line at least 35 minutes earlier.

I got in line 10 minutes before, but by the time I got to the front there was still like 8 left and I was near the back of the line. I had the black SPYY T shirt.

I meant I got there 35 minutes earlier:P Who got a prototype?

Chris said they sold all 25 in less than 15 minutes. Pretty crazy!

There also was a 1 per person limit.

I mean it is a collab with two of the big names in the yoyo community, and a lot of people have CLYW and One Drop brand loyalty to buy any new throw that comes out. I expected them to go fast, but definitely not 7 minutes fast. CLYW is great at getting the word out on instagram and all over to build it up, so I think that helps…

If you are thinking that they should have sold out faster, keep in mind that these were sold at a contest. Humans can only be so fast at taking money, handing back change and handing out the yo-yo in the desired color. ;D


Three yoyo’s a minute at one per person seems like a really quick sale to me :). Twenty seconds to take money, hand the person the yoyo, and make change if there was any.

And Chris was at least trying to say “hi” and not trying to rush people in and out!

I guess it depends on how many people are handing them out, how many colors there are, and other variables. If they sold out in 7 minutes, and there were 25 throws… let’s do a math problem. 7 minutes is 420 seconds. There were 25 throws. If there was a one per customer rule, we divide 420 by 25 and it means it took an average of 16.8 seconds per transaction. They could have moved faster lol, way too slow.

It was just Chris handling the money and handing them out. You didn’t get to pick your color. You just paid him, and he handed you a box.

The majority of them were different color blues, and 3 silver prototypes.

Everyone keeps saying that… these are not “prototypes”. From what I have heard, the only difference between the yo-yos at the contest and the retail Summits soon to be released is the ano job. The contest Summits were anodized in a short amount of time thanks to Evan at Toxic Strings dropping everything to do it for One Drop and CLYW. The retail releases will probably use One Drop and CLYW’s anodizers of choice, which would be Pioneer in Portland, OR for solids and Gruntbull in Gettysburg, OH for acid wash/splashes.

I was just going off of the paper Chris put had laid out listing how many summits there were and how many of each there were. It said 22 production summits and 3 prototypes.

My bad, I missed the part about 3 Silver prototypes. I have read elsewhere where people were calling all of them protos. This is what I get for speed reading… minus 20 points for Gryffindor. :smiley:

Thread scrubbed. Please stay on topic and play nice. :slight_smile:


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