The Block

I know many of you have probably already hit “The Block” in tricks. Well, I am in it. I have, on the YYE Checklist, all the Beginner, Intermediate, and all but one (Kwijibo) on the Advanced Part 1 section. I also have about half of the Advanced Part 2 section complete.

Well, I can’t learn anything new. I have tried and tried again. With my fails though, I have made up some tricks but this really doesn’t do too much as for as completing the check list and learning more tricks.

So, with the tricks I have told you about, which ones should I learn next.

About Kwijibo: As weird as this sounds, the second hop is easy, I can’t hit the first one though. ???

If anybody would, please help me.

I’m in about the same condition after a hiatus of two years. Currently, I am at bits and pieces of Advance 2 and Expert. I suggest doing iron whips and suicides, maybe even a gyroscopic flop. After you get the gist of these tricks, they are really fun to execute. As for kwijibo, I learned that forgetting about the position of the string is useful, just cross your hands and if it misses, correct the error and you should get it the next time.

No block here. I’m just really persistent, though. Certainly you should look for tutorials on other sites… you might find something that’s exactly the right challenge level to push you forward without being too much of an obstacle.

For Kwyjibo, there are two things that will get you there for that first pop:

  1. Don’t worry about doing the “land and swing in one continuous motion” thing. Just land the yoyo. Then swing it. After you do the “land, pause, and then swing” enough times, it’ll start to become one motion on its own. Don’t force it.

  2. Don’t think of it as “pop in the air, cross arms, land.” You should think of it as “pop in the air, pass forefinger under the yoyo with some conviction.” As you pass your finger under the yoyo (during the arm cross), it will be forced to land on the string. You don’t need to set up and then land, the passing under IS the landing.

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I hit it last year as a general creative block. I couldn’t create yoyo tricks, songs, guitar riffs, write etc… without someone actually telling me it was good. It was terrible, because all the stuff was actually of quality, but I felt it wasn’t.

Less than one year throwing and Ive hit it a fewtimes actually… at the intermediate section where th ereal 1a starts, advanced section, and then where you are at currently. I couldnt reallylearn anymore tricks from yye and I wa sstuck didnt learn anything. What I did was search other sites for tricks,but I found either the tutorials werehard to follow, the trick seemed to simple and wasnt worth learning, or was too hard… so I couldnt really go anywhere… what i did… make some of my own tricks, and create combos. Smoothen the tricks I alreadyknew until they were 2nd nature, I could do them with myeyes closed. Thenafter that I went back to try to learn more ricks and itslowly started getting easier. Im now currently at a pointwhere my improvement is slow… nogbecause Im at a blick, but because I am too lazy to learn tricks haha. So as of nowIm really just doing the same stuff, creating some of my own stuff along the way, and when I see a trick online I really like, I ry to learn it. If Im not too persistent I take parts of the trick and use them tomake my own. I feel this is a more natural way to progress rather than to force myself to learn stuff, which some people do. So I maynot he like hipposlovescereals, going a year but playin like 5 years, but I still think Im at a good pace and will continue what I do and suggest you do the same :slight_smile:

It’s normal for learning to plateau on occassion, it’s a complicated process that most people do with relative ease when you consider the complexities.

When I plateau:

  1. It’s time to get better at what I know. Paying attention to details, accuracy, fluidity, and more practice.
  2. It’s time to revisit tricks that I haven’t done for a very long time.
  3. It’s time to yo without thinking.
  4. It’s time to share more with others.
  5. It’s time to remember that no trick is to easy or small, no move insignificant to learn or review. Each has value and can be altered, combined, and used to create and enhance other tricks.
  6. It’s time to remember that any yoyo is capable of more than I am, so I just need to hang in there and keep at it.
  7. It’s time to get away from this keyboard and go yoyo! :wink:

Just accept the block, it’ll go away on it’s own. Take your time and have fun.