Kwijibo help and string tension help

Ok first off, I have hit kwijibo, however the first catch is so inconsistent I just don’t feel great really moving on till I can hit it pretty consistently. I noticed in the instructional videos he seems to throw the yo towards his throw hand and force it on the string. Tried and no luck. Any tips from pros out there?

Also, my string is constantly over tightening and with an unresponsive bearing I can’t get sidewinder or UFO to work. Any suggestions on loosening that tension without just letting the yo unwind?

Thanks for the help guys!

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Lots of ways to adjust tension, but I tend to default to this one:

Kwyjibo: find other tutorials. Andre is so fluid with Kwyjibo that the first move is deceptive in appearance when he does it. Here’s my favourite:

The most important thing is that you’re not hopping the yoyo up, crossing arms, and landing it back down on the string. You’re hopping up and underpassing in a way that your arms cross and the intercepted string forces the yoyo down. It’s the motion of moving your finger under the yoyo that gets it to land consistently, not a “catch”. I never think of it as “catching” the yoyo.

For that first pop on kwijibo i pop the yoyo much more to my throw hand side than i do straight up in the air and then just kinda let it swing back onto that front string.

Ahhhh this is where it’s at! Love the videos guys, as well as the advice. I am landing it more consistently yet still not 100%. Greg, your so right, I gotta stop with the catch mentality, it’s really not.

Also muy bueno on the tension help, you guys rock. This is what the forum is all about!
Thanks a ton fellas!