Kwijibo consistency.

I can do Kwijibo, but I am having a very hard time being consistent with it. I’ll either miss the first jump entirely, land on multiple strings etc. Same with the infamous third hop. I’ve practiced it for a few days but I’ve seen little improvement in consistency. Any tips?

Just take it slow and don’t get frustrated.

Practice Practice Practice.

as much as you probably do not want to hear it it just takes practice. do not try and rush through the trick, just do it repeatedly at a good speed, and dont practice just that trick. i did that and kept getting worse which led to frustration which made me even worse. switch it around some and come back to it after a little while. it will eventually click and you will be master of kwyjibo ;D

Some steps that helped me when I had trouble with it.

First hop: Sounds like the problem you may be having is over correcting by moving the strings too far back for it to land. Making sure that the finger the string is attached to was tucked into my hand (fist like) helped me to keep the wrong part of the string from going under the yoyo.

Second hop: making sure that the string that is looped around both my free and throw hands are closer to the base of my finger.

Double or nothing to Trapeze. I’ve never really had trouble with this part, so I don’t have anything to offer on that.

If your having trouble with the second hop, you can go into a 1.5 mount and move your non throw hand across your throw hand to get into the same formation and practice it from there.

when i had trouble with kwijibo (like, last week), i went through slowly each time.

1:the first hop after the trapeze isn’t only a hop, but a swing also. You hop the yoyo up over your TH, then it swings back down into the string. Just get a feel for the yoyo’s trajectory as it swings down.

2: Before the second hop, make sure the back-strings around your fingers are down into the webbing or your fingers, and the front-string is near the end. this puts the most distance between them so you dont land on multiple strings.

3: Make sure you catch the string connected to the yoyo while uncrossing your arms. I know sometimes it slips away, but hey.

4: as always: practice


It is a common misconception that “kwyjibo” is spelled “kwijibo”

The name for the trick “Kwyjibo” comes from a Simpsons episode in which Bart spells it during a game of Scrabble with Homer.

The misspelling, according to Tommy Gun, came from an old user on a different yoyo board that spelled it incorrectly, despite requests to change it.

Ever since then, it has been misspelled even on popular sites such as

Boom shakalakalaka