Kwijibo Fail!

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Hey guys, I know everything up to Buddha’s Revenge, and I am learning Kwijibo right now. It looks awesome, got the trapeze, then everything else is a FAIL. I need tips for the first hop. I know what it looks like after the hop is done (Go into a 1/2 Mount, cross your hands over each other), but I just need help. Any tips are greatly appreciated!


Try to do eli hops and black hops to increase your landing skills. Then, you practice crossing your arm like Kwijibo.

Happy Throwing! =]


i had trouble with the first hop also. what i did in the beginning was instead of popping it up and then swing over into a 1 1/2 mount, i just automatically popped it up and hit the string into a 1 1/2 mount and just skipped the first part. i practiced it like that for a while and then added the first part in. it really helped me. when you are trying the first pop then you need to make sure when it hits the string you give it some slack so i doesnt just bounce back off.


This should help:

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It’s spelled “Kwyjibo”

It is a common misconception that “kwyjibo” is spelled “kwijibo”

The name for the trick “Kwyjibo” comes from a Simpsons episode in which Bart spells it during a game of Scrabble with Homer.

The misspelling, according to Tommy Gun, came from an old user on a different yoyo board that spelled it incorrectly, despite requests to change it.

Ever since then, it has been misspelled even on popular sites such as

Boom shakalakalaka


For the hops, when the string is in the air, try to intercept the string as close as possible to the yo yo to better the chances of it landing right.

Also for the first hop, it helps me to have my left index finger pointing to the right and right middle finger pointing down. It separates the strings.


I found that originally you need to really focus on crossing your pointer finger through the correct string. From there it just takes some experimenting and a lot of practice.

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Thanks for the great advice guys! Your help is greatly appreciated!