My letter to "Kwijibo"

Dear Kwijibo,

I HATE you! (-_-) you sure know how to make a pretty calm guy angry. I can’t even get past your first of many array of hops after trying so for a total of 6 hours. I hate hops. Missing the string and watching the yo-yo do the dangle of shame makes my fists clench. For the first time I have felt REAL frustration. You allowed me to succeeded in performing you once and only once. Are you sick? Are you messed up? It’s as if you gave me a taste and then left me high and dry like an exotic dancer or fruit stripe gum… I hope you’re happy Kwijibo. I hope you’re happy…

I hate you,
NOT your friend
Troy Adrian Oswald Talbot

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Try to keep for throw hand finger straight as an arrow while moving across your body. Remember it goes in front of the other string! Good luck!

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This is a flat out frustrating trick boss, you just have to keep at it and it will just “click”, at least it did for me. Once you can do it, it leads right into spirit bomb, which for me is the first trick i learned where I was like “alright, I can finally do a really cool looking trick!” So just keep at it!

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Thanks guys! :slight_smile: Perhaps after some rest and a clear head I will get it, if not, I will try my best to remain calm and enjoy and arnold palmer tea or perhaps an episode of matlock lol

@Navythrow: Whereas after I got Kwyjibo down, I was like, “OK, I finally know a cool-looking trick”. :wink:

Revelations that were super-helpful for me:

  1. On the first cross-arms, bring the throwhand pointer across the string pretty darned close to the yoyo. It won’t have much choice but to land on the string. Don’t think “cross the arms and catch it on the string length that results”, think, “cut with the pointer finger right under the yoyo”; the rest will follow.

  2. On the hop coming out of cross arms into double-or-nothing, don’t be afraid to pull those hands apart! Create tension especially with the NTH, and the yoyo will be forced right down to the appropriate string. Once again, do not think “uncross and then land the yoyo into the double or nothing,” think “uncrossing with confidence will bring the yoyo into double-or-nothing”.

The part where you have to stay on-axis and straight so that you don’t spin out or tilt out of the trick?.. yeah, no tips for that. It’s just practice. :wink:

Kwyjibo was the third trick I learned, and by far the most useful. Things started really coming together with it once I finally really understood what was happening. Like all tricks, it will come with practice. make sure to master the 1.5 to double or nothing pop, I use it every single day.

damn funny one

I think the problem here is that you were at it for 6 hours. Put it on the back burner for a while and try to learn something else and come back to kwijybo later when you’re a bit calmer. It is a bit of a headache to learn because you do have string segments and arms and fingers going every which way. Just remember that yoyoing is supposed to be fun.


The trick in the catch is to focus on getting your finger as close as possible tothe yoyo . Focus on this when you catch the yoyo and it will have nowhere else to go. :slight_smile:

I like what GregP said about confidence. It is a great tip cause when I was there I was afraid of pulling the strings hard and it didn’t work with me until I did, and again the catch should be close to the yoyo.

I would never give any trick more than an hour for it self cause frustration will make your efforts useless. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

Thanks Guys! You’ve all been very helpful! :smiley: I’m actually starting to understand it a little better after reading everyone’s advice and now I just landed it twice! :smiley: Yay!

You will feel frustration again.

Only thing I have to say…

I like your name.

Haha! True words my friend/

Thanks! I guess my mom thought 1 middle name wasn’t enough haha!

I’m in the bathtub at the moment but as soon as I relax my tired bones, I’m going to try your advice. I’ve been trying to land this trick on purpose for two and a half years. It never occurred to me to use a little muscle.

I figured out that using your thumb on your NTH thumb to open up the loop on the trapeze helps me land the intro more often.

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Just do a 1.5 mount and flip it and then you’ll be at the second hop then you can practice the first hop after learning hops after 1st hop

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Also make sure your tension is just right

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