Hi, so far i’ve learnt how to do the Kwijibo , not smoothly though only 50-50 at a time . So the problem i had is when you bounce it of the strings and let it into a Double Or Nothing and bounce it again into a Trapeze . Instead i when right into Trapeze but not Double Or Nothing , can you guys help me how to fix that problem ???

okay when i do it i have the same problem i have found the problem is i accidentally drop a string making it go into a trapeze

oh, i see but i having some problem that i’ve found last night the when you swing the yoyo across then recrossing your hands , i found out that the string been tangle up . Do you have that problem ???

Two tips I can think of that may help.

  1. try crossing your hands while swinging the yoyo across instead of after.
  2. I find it a lot easier and smoother if the motion made is a rotation of your hands rather than crossing. This will also make tip 1 a bit easier.

Let me know if any of that makes no sense and I’ll try to get a video up for you.


what he is trying to say is just making it simpler to understand yuki is you rotate your throw hand over your nonthrow hand then i cross my throw hand over i try to do it in a smooth motion. best tip i cando is if you dont understand it is try moving your hands in a circle but dont uncross if it helps

yeah . thanks you guys for your tip but i had found the reason why and manage to fix it . Strangest thing’s that how i fix it is identical to what you’re saying , scary isn’t ^^ ???

Yeah that also means is I give very clear instructions!