the best yoyo after the velocity

so what would be the next best thing i was thinking the dv888 but for string use

There is no “best” yoyo. You could get a Dv888, but be sure you know how to play with an unresponsive yoyo before you get it.

like a better option and yes i know how to use a unresponsive

Then the DV888 would be a nice choice. Stable and It’s a great yoyo, and is worth well over it’s price.

I would definitely look at the Dv888…probably one of the most well priced yet really solid yoyo’s I have seen.

I would Jump to a Northstar first.
then a Yuuksta.not DV888 just because of the rim weight.

its more stable (Northstar and Yuuksta both), and for me was alot more beginner friendly.

Protostar or Northstar would also be a good choice, but the Dv888 is a very good first metal

looking for metal but teh north star looks great

Di Base and Capless are awesome.

I would go with a protostar. Super affordable and you can do anything with it except for grinds.

Looking for a metal?
I’d say, Di Base, Firmy, Yuuksta, G Funk.

If you are looking for a 1st metal I would go with the di base, I had to decide between a di base and a dv888, I chose the di base and am very happy I did. However I you don’t want to spend the $55 or just don’t want a metal yet I would get the protostar or northstar. Both seem to be excellent throws for the price.