The benefits of each yoyo shape?

Well it seems that I may be unqualified to make this assessment.

Will you forgive me dad?

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Generally everything I say is along the lines of “you need excuses to have even more yo-yos” :shushing_face:


Ill add my interpretations of each shape, but might echo what others have said as well. Keep in mind, these are only my opinions and may not reflect what the rest of yoyo community may think.

O- my favorite. Most comfy, best feeling in the hands. Least forgiving to bad technique. Will be eager to tilt with your strings are not aligned properly. Makes a better player in the long run due to higher focus needed to keep it going. All around type shape that favors comfort over stability. Usually with a higher walls that make for easier binds, at the expense of it non speedy nature. Good for regens and old school flavor. Think OneDrop’s MarkMont Classic.

V- Fast, powerful, most stable. Pointy edges make it easier to inflict a deeper cut in the event of a strike. Usually the favored style of bi-metals adding even more power and stability. The speed is nearly unlimited. Pretty stable and not in a hurry to tilt off axis when strings are misaligned. Wants to go faster. Very favored in the competition crowd. Unforgiving to your hand when the throw returns unexpectedly after a hard throw. Safety throws are most important here. Think YYR Draupnir.

W- Another All arounder. Kind of an all star in being able to sort of “do it all.” Horizontal, chill, speed, stability, comfort, it just keeps checking off the boxes. Forgiving and comfortable. A lot of W’s are very popular with most throwers. Doesn’t really excel at any one thing, but doesn’t have any real weaknesses either. Think YYF Shutter.

H- Your finger sinks into the throw on the catch. Feels powerful and connected. Usually packs in beefy rims for massive stability. May not want to go turbo speed, but no slouch either. Good for 5A. Solid catch as it thumps into your hand. Can feel like a brick sometimes, but bricks are still useful! Great for learning new tricks, or even rookies looking for their first metal. Think YYF Genesis.


What is a “safety throw”?


Good question!

A safety throw is a soft throw that is done the next throw after any sketchy bind. If your last bind wasnt nearly perfect, a nice little soft “safety throw” is how you clear out or test the string before committing to a stronger throw for a longer combo. This habit can prevent injury if there is a surprise knot in there and it comes up/back at you when you don’t expect it.


Thanks for the extended explanation of my response dust :joy:

In other words, every other throw I make…


What’s that saying? Safety second? No first… Safety first

We’ve all been there man, you’ll get to a point if you keep at it long enough where you can actually feel the difference between a clean bind and a dirty bind. It just takes time and exposure


Exactly right. It just takes time, and lots and lots of binds.

You still get surprised every now and then though lol

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Thats where we trust our reflexes. I know I jerk and wig out from time to time when they sneak up on my. Man, the other day i went to breakaway to trapeze, like ive done a million times, and I missed my NTH finger and I flipped out. My body convulsed hard, my arm spazzed out and I pulled really hard away from it, accelerating the yoyo into my ceiling and gashed it fierce. As soon as it smashed into the ceiling, i cover my head and try to dive out of the way. So ungraceful. Still need to fix the ceiling too haha!

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I know right? I have this one yoyo that is sketchy as hell when it comes to binding. I actually have to spin a special thicker string just for it.

This one time I tried to do a sky behind with it like I’ve done a million times, it didn’t bite on the way up, and on the way down it decided to snag right about waist level. Which sent it flying right up into my eye socket. I literally saw black and blue for several seconds. There have been a couple of other really close calls with that one, in fact that yoyo holds the record in my collection for being the most violent towards me lol

Turning Point Houska Dry

I love the way it plays, and I’ve learned how to work with its sassy personality, but those sketchy binds… it definitely keeps me on high alert. I play that one reeeal safe lol

Haha, Ive done this too! I’m glad noone was watching!..


How do you explain the Spectacle?

My opinions are based on mono-metals. Bi-metals are able to have more extreme weight distribution making them possibly play less characteristic of their shapes.

V Shaped yoyos have larger catch zones making them normally better for faster tricks but may not have as powerful spins as other shapes.

W Shapes are a hybrid of the H and the V-shape. W shapes have a lot of rim weight but still a decent amount of center weight. This makes them have strong spins, but still maintain a decent amount of maneuverability. W shapes tend to have large catch zones and normally feel larger in the hand than H or V shapes.

H Shapes have extreme rim weight, so they usually have the strongest spin and longest spin times, but because of a lack of center weight, they can be less maneuverable than H or V shapes.

O Shapes are the enigmas of the group. Because the weight is usually more evenly distributed, they have greater potential to have a unique feel. Normally O shapes are harder to catch on the string but could be fast or slow, rim weighted or center weighted, and light or heavy.


In my head, I have two different O categories. The laid back O, like a Grail or Overture. Then the performance O, like an MC or Monocle (lemme know if you want to sell your monocle) or the Triton, possibly the greatest example ever of the performance O.


I remember seeing a series of tutorials for the type of play called Moebius: where you expand the slip knot that normally keeps the yoyo on your finger and do 1A style tricks with that expanded loop. I thought they were on here, but I didn’t see them when I looked a moment ago. Anyway, they recommended using an organic shape for that style when I watched the intro video… wherever it was when I saw it.

Looks like they are still here: The Moebius 101: Sunset 1-6-13

Search for “Moebius” to see more.


There’s also a section under the “learn” tab now. I think it was added in the last year or so.

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Ok, I missed it when I was glancing through there last. I’m glad it’s still there. I messed with it once briefly and found the throwing style of having the loop around two fingers rather uncomfortable, but I’d like to try it again sometime.