Yoyo shapes

Pros on cons of each, and what should you get based on your style:

  • Organic shape
  • V shape
  • H shape
    Not talking about yoyo’s that combines different shapes at the same time (V+H) or (O+V)
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How about the W?


What about Bell? And Slimline as well.

In my narrow and newish experience personally a few things I think looking at yoyos
On a basic level.

Chilled Fun Regen Friendly - Organic

Fast Snappy Competition- V shape

Not much experience with H and W shapes, I’m so confused at this point. You could write a book on the differences in shape and play. Also factor in weight, weight distribution, material and combinations of.
But what I’m getting at is you can get a yo-yo to play almost infinite possibilities in the right combinations.

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I know there is a W shape, but i only included these 3 in my question thank you.

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A friend of mine told me the H or W shape is better when it comes to learn new tricks as it’s easier to land, the V is for faster play but it’s not so friendly when you learn new tricks.
I actually don’t own an organic shape yoyo so i can’t tell. I posted this to see different opinions but i already have an idea of each one

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O’s are a lot more comfortable, their shape allows for a more natural placement of rim weight. Generally have more friction and less of a catch zone then V and H shapes.

V and H’s are pretty comfortable too. These shapes vary a lot. They can have lots of cuts with a more aggressive shape (i.e. unparalleled) or be rounded off and smoother (i.e. puff adder/ beanie) these yoyos tend to have less potential for rim weight than O shapes without the aid of a bimetal weight ring or wonky weight distribution (this is actually why you don’t see a lot of O shape bimetals; they already have the potential for as much rim weight as you’d want… see life/cloudberry/kappa). What these do have going for them are super wide catch zones that allow the yoyo to hit the string a lot easier and not tilt as easily as Os.

This was super general but I hope that helps.


That was super helpful !

I think that the specifics of a particular yoyo are more important than the broad shape category it falls into. The shape defines a range of possibilities for weight distribution and feel for a given set of specs (diameter, width, mass). On top of that, the gap/guts of the yoyo are completely independent of the overall shape.


I agree with @MarkD it really does come down to specifics. V shapes are very much about the specifics. I’ve had some feel awful and some feel great.

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