Help with yoyo shapes

I’m looking to get a new yoyo but, I have only ever used H-shaped yoyos. I was wondering what some of the other shapes would play like.

O/Organic shaped yoyos tend to play floatier, and aren’t often used in competitions

V shapes tend to be quicker, or at least have the capacity to. I’m a pretty strong believer that V shaped yoyos will usually perform the best just because of how they’re constructed.

Generally H-shape is more stable, V-shape is faster, Organic are floatier.

Organic yoyos just aren’t as competitive or high performing in general in my opinion and depending on your preferences, you may like either H or V shapes better. Some say organic yoyos tend to be more enjoyable to play though so you might like those better; you really just have to try them to find out.