In your experience- poll


  • W shape
  • H shape

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  • W shape
  • H shape

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Care to elaborate? Do you have a preference? Think both apply to one shape?

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I think it depends on the weight distribution a lot more than the shape. But just in my experience, H shapes tend to be slower, with a lot more power and stability. And W shapes tend to just be lighter and faster.

I do generally associate H shaped yoyos with being heavier and more stable, and just generally playing like tanks. It’s not always the case though since a yoyo like the Surveillance is an H that plays pretty light and fast, thanks to the material used/overall weight/inner rim lip in the cup. I think a big reason why H shapes can tend to feel heavier is probably just that on average they’re a lot more narrow, which means more stability and a heavier/more powerful feel. While wide W shapes are fairly common to spread out the weight and make them feel lighter and faster.


/thread lol

Does it matter? We have Organic! JK

I think I’m an H guy if I had to choose.

I be lovin’ all the shapes.


I can throw yoyos around a notice they feel different. But i recently started really trying to compare the differences and how the differences compare depending on shape and weight etc. How some shapes and center of gravity can change depending on small factors… i notice the biggest difference between V shapes and Os. But H and W seem to be closer related in some aspects and more reliant on other factors…