Shapes of yoyos. O V H and W?

I know it’s the shape of them but what are the cons and pros on each?

These are not like all the shapes available but since you asked about these I’ll tell.

O. Comfortable less stable for casual play. But there are yoyos like downbeat that are super stable O yoyo.

H.Stable sometimes sluggish depend on weight.

V. Less rim weight but faster and more competition oriented.

W.mix between h and v.

Note. The can vary vastly because of weight distribution and design cup design and other factors so there is not like a single explanation.

Thanks I appreciate your feedback. Sounds like V would be more appealing to me or maybe W.

They’re all wonderful. For some reason, I really loved the W. The V was a runner-up, but it’s just not quite as comfortable on the catch, which is one of my considerations.

V shape is good for 5a.

Technically within the same width and diameter, V shape can have more rim weight than H shape.
I think most yoyos incorporate more than one kind of shape anyway, so it can be confusing to “compare” each other.
I don’t know what “W” is.

There’s no “W” per se. For their Benchmark 2014 series, One Drop made a “pure V” that they wanted to call the “V”. That left another V-profile, which is a step-straight V like the format:C. They called it the “W” just to distinguish it. It’s not an industry-standard term or anything.

Actually because of the title, I thought we were specifically talking about Benchmark 2014 yoyos. :wink:

Thanks I understand it now.

If this refers to “organic” or the traditional yoyo shape, I’m afraid you are mistaken. There is nothing inherently unstable in this shape.

Yes there is bapzilla essence wooly marmot 2 and many more o shpaes that have less weight. But I’m saying there less stable comparatively. To the other shapes.

Still nope I think. The two main reason that makes a yoyo stable or not is the wall (high wall less stable), and rim weight (less rim weight less stable), there are other reasons but the effect is less than those two. By less stable I mean easier to tilt.
Generally an organic yoyo with low wall will be more stable than a V shaped with high wall.

Nope, you’re still wrong.

You’re wrong sorry.

My most stable yoyo is my o-shaped hatrick?

Avalanche is a bit more stable. I’ve thrown both.

This statement by itself proves nothing. Please state your reasoning.

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