How does a V-shape play?

Compared to an H, W, and O, how would the the V compare in play? Also, would you consider the YYF Edge to be a V shape or is it like a hybrid H-V?

The v in general, or a specific v?

The v by SOMthing is a good yoyo.

The edge would probably be considered a v shape.

V shaped yoyos usually play faster, but less stable than H shapes. I would consider the edge a W shape tho…

Experience teaches us that shape labels assigned to yoyo’s are purely speculative. You will get a different suggestion/viewpoint from almost everyone you ask.

I went ahead and bought the One Drop benchmark V. I guess it is more V shaped than the Edge. Now my collection has all the shapes :slight_smile:

You can’t really predict how a yoyo will play based on the catch zone shape alone. The closest you can get is how it will feel in your hand, the rest of the design like total weight, weight distribution, diameter, width, wall diameter, gap, and material, all makes a difference.
Also most yoyos don’t really follow the V or H or O rule, usually it’s a combination of these.