The Difference?

What’s the difference of v-shape and the h-shape and what are the other kinds of shapes out there? I also saw other shapes such as inverse round, straight, step round, step straight, round, and inverse round. What are the specific differences in every shape out there and does it affect play?

Well v shapes or for horizontal tricks and usually do fast play, h shape are for long combos due to the rim wighting.

That’s too general to be true. There were V shapes before there was much horizontal play, and there are players that do horizontal (and win competitions) with H-shaped yoyos.

Here’s some examples…

V Shape:

H Shape:

Classic Shape:

Inverse (sometimes called stepped):


High Wall (Refers to how far the response system wall goes out before curving out into a butterfly shape):

Low Wall:

Bell Shaped:

As for how shape effect play… There’s probably more variation within each shape than there is between them. Shape can certainly effect how a yoyo plays, but there are much more important factors.