The Beast

I think there should be a yo-yo called the beast, it could be HUGE and heavy, all metal, and have a monsterous gap. Kind of like the big ben, but more usable. It would scare somebody out of their wits to have it forward pass within 3 feet of them. It would be huge but still manuverable with skill. Does any body else want a yo-yo like this? Can anyone tell me how to get this name and stuff into a company? Thanks in advance!!

YoYoJam was actually working on a project, and apparently “The Beast” was its code name.

I think YoYoJam’s staff are spies :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, spies <.< >.> Any ways, thats where I got the name, but specs wise, it was all me. Wouldn’t it be cool, huh, huh?!! ::slight_smile: ;D

Lately I’ve been thinking of a metal Legacy ::slight_smile:

Or an all metal DM, that would probly sell well!

all metal DM and a metal Legacy would be the same thing =P

an all metal xconvict would seel :o

Oh, oh well. It would still be cool on the beast!

MATADOR SPIKES on everything we’ve suggested!! That would be awesome!!

The Peak is almost a metal DM.

IMO a DNA is a metal DM

The DNA is a lot rounder than the DM. Although it has about the same size and width, it’s still a bit different in shape. The DM is more flat-rimmedish if I’m not wrong. But yea, in size they are pretty much the same. And if you want something like the DM in metal, the DNA is a great choice. But it’s not a metal DM.

Why pay the price of an all metal when you don’t have to? The X-ConVict already plays like a metal, if not better. 8)

Wait… Spies are like… Ninjas? SO… that means… Samad is a spy… so…


While spies may have similar qualities to ninja’s, do not confuse the two.

No Evan, he’s not.

Happy Throwing! =]

Yeah, yoyojam should make metal versions of bi-metals. Like the meteors.

Guys - lets keep these threads under control - its good to joke around but keep it professional. :wink:

Nobody has stated that “The Beast” is supposedly a plastic version of the Jamboo. As you can clearly see in these pictures, YYJ IS working a new yoyo. Unless these are just really good fakes, haha. You can also clearly see how this yoyo could be a plastic version of the Jamboo.

Most people are hoping for Delrin. And from the looks of it and with some researching around the chances of Delrin are looking better and better.

I hope I shed some more light on this matter. :slight_smile:

Celcon is actually delrin as well :wink: