YoYoJam Beast?



Does anybody know if these are actually going to be released?

(JM) #2

Yes. Those were protos of the now named New Breed.

(Mitch) #3

Lol I was about to say,

Those look alot like the newbreed


They weren’t exactly New Breed prototypes per se, more like a concept that YYJ was working on.


My guess is that the New Breed was one of those prototypes and was just the first one to be made into a production run yo-yo. And they are probably going to release the others one by one soon enough.


Ok Thanks!

(JM) #7

The picture that he linked to were all New Breed protos.  Other yo-yos are indeed different though.


the stretched beast became the new breed and the screamin beast became the atmosphere.

(JonasK) #9

The beast was a code name for a project YYJ ran. My guess is celcon/metal line.

(Astrojax) #10

andre commented on it.



yep the beast is now the new breed the yoyo i really want