the beast yoyo

Anybody heard about the beast?
I heard it is a plastic version of the

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I think this yoyo has been brought up in some other thread. I really don’t know much about it yet. But I am really not that exited about it. I think plastic version of the jamboo sounds a bit bad in fact. What i have heard about the jamboo is that it is not the best player for its price, but a very stylish yoyo and a nice collectible. And I have gotten the impression that it’s the bamboo that makes it all this. And if they take away the wood and keep the more complex assembly, I really think it will end up as a YYJ bi-metal which is more complex than other YYJ bi-metals. It might turn out to be a good yoyo if they remove the more complex assembly, but then it wouldn’t really be a plastic jamboo.

Ask laserfire or Andre. Both in the YYJ biz


The talk about beasts are also in this post.,1348.0.html

I hope this helps!

That thread was originally meant to be a review of the Jamboo. Some weird people (including me) just added a lot of unecessary stuff which involved into a discussion about the beast. To be honset, I think this discussion is better fitted in this thread (since that is its purpose).

To get back to the Beast. I noticed that ed said that only one of the beasts he had played (I have no idea how he got to do that), was like a jamboo, which means it will turn out to be a great(er) yoyo.

Yeah… I just put this here because I don’t really like to say what others have said often and since this had some posts about the Beasts, I decided to post it here so he could read them. I wouldn’t usually do this but it had some information he was looking for.

Pheenix, it seems like you are having a bad idea about the best. If you think about other Metal-Rimmed YYJ’s, the Beast is basically going to be another one of those. The wood was too inconsistent, which made it have all of its problems, not to mention several others not related to that as well. Think of the Beast as another YYJ Bi-Metal. Also, I read somewhere its not gonna be called the Beast.

I have heard that since the Jamboo is made of bamboo it can break easy
so I have been thinking about getting a Jamboo and a Beast and having the
Jamboo just for a colectors item.

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What I said in my original post was that if they will make it good, it probably won’t feel like it’s a plastic Jamboo, it will probably feel like it’s a beast. I really do think that the Beast will turn out to be another one of YYJs great metal-rimmed yoyos, but I also think that the Beast only will keep the shape and size from the Jamboo, not the exact play.